My Tooth Crown is Loose – What to Do?

A tooth crown is an excellent replacement method in cases when the tooth is chipped, crooked or a large part of it has been lost to cavities. If careful preparation precedes its placement, tooth crowns can function for a long time without any trouble. There are, however, some cases, when they begin to move. If the loose tooth crown is not reattached, it can result in several problems later, including cavities, gum inflammation or tooth loss. 

tooth crown
My Tooth Crown is Loose – What to Do?

Reasons and Remedies for a Loose Crown

The main cause of a crown becoming loose is the general altering of the mouth with time. A previously perfectly fitting crown can become loose due to natural anatomical changes in the mouth with age. This can be confirmed with panoramic X-ray and, if the assumption is right, usually a new crown is glued to the tooth, fitting perfectly to these altered surroundings.
In some cases, it is not aging, but cavities around the edge of the tooth crown that cause difficulties. If the strong bone tissue of the tooth is lost to dental caries, there is nothing to stabilize the crown, which will begin to move, and falls off eventually. Similarly to the previous case, a new crown is needed after thorough examination and treatment. If the extent of the damage is so serious that the tooth cannot carry the weight of the crown, its removal and placement of an implant might be taken into consideration.
Sometimes a newly placed crown begins to move, which is mostly due to poor preparation. Occasionally the patient is not informed about the fact that the crown is fastened only temporarily, and permanent fixing is skipped. If due to the shape of the tooth the crown has only little surface contact with it, the glue might not be able to stabilize the crown, so it falls off. In this case, the shape of the tooth is to be altered or a new replacement method must be found.

Home Remedies are Prohibited

Using superglue to reattach a loose crown is absolutely not recommended. Superglue contains a chemical called cyanoacrylate, which, if swallowed, can irritate the gastrointestinal tract. It might also cause irreversible damage to the tooth and crown, thus, the dentist might have to remove them both, and replace the tooth. If there are problems with our tooth crown, the wisest thing to do is to visit our dentist, who will get to the root of the problem, and decides about the best treatment after thorough examination.
All in all, with aging of the mouth, the replacement of tooth crowns might be needed to avoid future problems and to assure perfect aesthetical and functional results. If you are considering the possibility to have a crown placed, visit Forest & Ray Dental in downtown Budapest, where our skilled dentists await you with the most advanced technology and treatment methods.