Dental implant guarantee

If you are thinking of getting dental implants, surely you have a lot of questions. The best person to inquire form is the implantologist, as s/he is the surest source. There are some common questions though, and we have gathered them here below.

What are the risks of dental implantation?

The biggest risk is dental implant failure, or a failure to receive the dental implant. Dental implantation has an especially high, 95% success rate, but sometimes the implantation needs to be repeated to ensure success.

Do I have to pay for repeated implantation?

If you have a valid guarantee, then re-implantation is of course free, the guarantee covers this cost.

When is a guarantee not valid?

Here are our terms and conditions for a valid guarantee:

  1. The guarantee work has to happen within the time frame of the guarantee. Our implants have 5, 10 year, and lifetime guarantees. Our premium dental implants always come with lifetime guarantees, and our standard ones come with an automatic 5 year guarantee, but the guarantee can be upgraded to 10 years or lifetime guarantee, if you wish. The guarantee period starts from the day of implantation.
  2. We can only assume guarantees for dental implants placed by our dentists at our clinic during the guarantee period.
  3. Loss of bone material due to disease or health issues can leads to implant rejection. The guarantee does not cover these problems.
  4. Dental implant failure due to other medical interventions results in the loss of any and all guarantees.
  5. The longevity of dental implants can only be assured if the patient has excellent oral hygiene. Failure to upkeep oral hygiene, and neglecting the advice of the implantologist will result in loss of guarantees.
  6. If the dental implant failure is due to drug, alcohol abuse or smoking, the guarantee is void.
  7. The guarantee does not cover instances of dental implant failure due to trauma or injury.
  8. Half year check-ups are a mandatory part of dental treatment. Failure to show up will result in loss of all guarantees.
  9. Guarantees are lost if patient fails to pay for treatment.

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