Wisdom tooth extraction with free panoramic X-ray

Wisdom tooth extraction with free panoramic X-ray

Wisdom tooth extraction with free panoramic X-ray

A prior consultation and a panoramic X-ray is always needed in case of a wisdom tooth extraction.


The package contains:

The panoramic X-ray made during the consultation session is fully refunded after the treatment.

The offer is valid if the problem does not require oral surgery.

Free* panoramic X-ray

Offer description:

Pain is not the only unpleasant thing a wisdom tooth can cause. For it grows in the adult years, numerous obstacles can occur; it can stay under the gum or grow incorrectly, causing crowdings.
Now with a free* panoramic X-ray we can help you get rid of the problems caused by wisdom teeth!

*the price of the X-ray is refunded after the treatment.

What kind of reoccurring problems can wisdom teeth cause?

  • painful inflamations and swollen lymph nodes
  • swollen gums
  • (partial) lockjaw
  • troubles with chewing and digesting
  • crowdings, caries moreover, it can destroy the results of an orthodontic treatment!

In many cases it is worth to have them extracted even if there are no symptoms.

Why are two appointments necessary for a wisdom tooth extraction?

At the first appointment, the dentist sets up a diagnose and decides if a simple extraction or a surgical procedure is needed, based on the position of the tooth.

If there is need for a surgical extraction, an appointment with an oral surgeon is necessary.

In case of a sore tooth, the inflammation needs to be cured first, and the treatment can only be continued at a subsequent appointment.

The offer is valid until the 30th of April, 2018.​

Details of the offer:

  • Not to be combined with other special offers
  • If the treatment requires more appointments, the payment need to be completed at the first visit
  • Only one treatment per person
  • Prior phone or e-mail booking required
  • General cancellation policy and terms & conditions apply

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