Oral surgery

Our oral surgical procedures are done under local anaesthetic in our dental facilities, and our patients can return to their daily tasks after the procedure is complete, without pain or loss of time. We can secure the benefits associated with private dentistry at our Budapest dental clinic: comfort, flexibility and attention paid to our patients. We provide the following procedures:

Oral surgery

Bone grafts

When you lose a tooth, the soft tissues around it start to weaken, and the bone that was holding starts to disintegrate and be reabsorbed. Bone grafts aim to restore density and body to the atrophied region. There are many kinds of bone graft procedures, and most of them can be performed quickly and with minimal risks. Bones thus reinforced can handle dental implants.

Sinus lifts

This is a routine procedure in our dental implant clinic. Sinus lifts were meant to help patients with a thin membrane and bone material to be able to receive dental implants in their upper jaw.

Surgical wisdom tooth extraction

Pain, swelling, crowding of the teeth- just some of the symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth. In many instances, extraction of the wisdom tooth is a surgical procedure, but if done right, it is a routine procedure with little to no discomfort associated with it.

Cyst removal

The cysts that typically manifest themselves around the apex of the tooth root usually do not produce unpleasant symptoms. If they get infected though, that can be a real problem. Most cysts are easy to diagnose and their removal is also a relatively simple procedure.

Root apex resection

Reserved as a last resort in the fight against cysts. It is one of the last attempts that can be made to save a sick tooth, and it is definitely one worth considering, for a resected tooth can still have many years of life left in it.