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Orthodontics braces

Everyone has slight malocclusions, and these are not a health threat, but an aesthetic problem. More serious malocclusions require orthodontic treatment, as an uneven bite and maladjusted teeth can cause serious, painful complications.

Orthodontics braces

The treatment is done via an orthodontic brace, which is put on the teeth for a period of time determined by the orthodontist. Fixed braces need to be activated at given intervals, these are activation sessions. After the treatment, a retainer will be given to retain your teeth in their new position.

Orthodontic treatment requires many frequent visits to the same clinic. It is important to choose a clinic that is close to you. Our Budapest orthodontic clinic is an a central location and is easily accessed.

Paediatric orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment for kids is a separate science altogether, as the jawbone is not done growing yet, and its size and curve are not developed, which needs to be taken into account in order to guide the teeth into a good position, usually with removable orthodontic devices.

Adult orthodontics

We usually use fixed orthodontic braces for adult orthodontic treatments. There are many different kinds, including traditional braces, tooth coloured ceramic braces, and transparent sapphire crystal braces, and you can use removable invisible devices in some cases.

Invisible braces

Adult patients are very worried about the aesthetic effects of brace son their smile, and with good reason. We have not only aesthetic options, but also undetectable lingual braces and removable devices, including completely invisible aligners.