HappySmile clear aligner

HappySmile-looks good on you!

Happy Smile invisible brace is one of the most modern techniques of orthodontics. This treatment uses clear aligners to fix your smile, which is the most up to date method of orthodontics.
This orthodontic method is based on high-tech 3D technology. We can plan the results in advance with the help of a computer program. Clear aligners are made with high precision 3D printer. We can define in advance, how many aligners are needed for the process. In the virtual orthodontic plan, we define, how many aligners are needed.
The aligners are made of biocompatible, thin medical plastic, which is guaranteed to be resistant during usage, no material will release.

HappySmile clear aligner

Advantages of HappySmile clear aligners:

  • Discreet: It is in its name, that the aligners are nearly invisible, so you can keep it on your teeth even if you have a work, which requires continuous speech and active communication.
  • Practical: Contrary to the traditional fixed braces, the HappySmile clear aligner can be used during extreme sports or any other activity without injury.
  • Predictable: Full control on a computer, process is pre-designed in three dimensions. Every aligner is followed by a new one, that builds on the previous aligner, but continues to move your teeth until achieving the end result.
  • Fast: Besides a couple of hours off, you can wear your clear aligners throughout the whole day to set your teeth in a very short time.
  • Hygienic: The aligner can be removed and cleaned any time. During the treatment with HappySmile, oral hygiene is performed just like your usual routine, so you does not need to change your brushing habits.
  • No side effects: Traditional braces have the risk, that the teeth will start to decay under the brackets. If you wear HappySmile clear aligner, you can keep your original tooth cleaning habits, so this kind of tooth decay does not risk you.
  • Effective: With HappySmile, you can move more than one tooth at the same time. The orthodontic method is planned with the CAD-CAM program, it moves the teeth very efficiently with new aligners in every two weeks.
  • Better Value for Money: Treatment time is shorter and the fee is paid as an installment after every aligner (which is actually an interest-free loan), so it does not have a bigger burden on your wallet.

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