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4 Misconceptions about Root Canal Treatments

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Root canals are among the most effective and well-tried conservative treatments in dentistry. Yet, it is common belief that they are extremely prolonged, painful and inefficient. We dispel these myths in our article below.

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Myth Nr 1: Root Canals are Painful

For a period of time root canal treatments had been, in fact, excruciating. But those days are long gone. Today, infections that make root canals necessary can be treated very efficiently prior to the surgery. This reduces the agony, and makes root canal tooth treatment much less painful. Secondly, there are potent and effective anaesthetics available, decreasing the sensation of pain to the minimum during the operation. In the healing period, painkillers are subscribed to eliminate soreness.

Myth Nr 2: Root Canals Require Many Appointments

This is another widespread misconception, but in reality, it is completely false. If the affected tooth is not infected, thus, no antibiotic or anti-inflammatory treatment is needed before surgery, the whole procedure can usually be carried out during one appointment. If the operation goes smoothly without any complications, it is not rare that the patient leaves the surgery with a healthy tooth and a brand new crown, and only comes back for regular check-ups later.

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Myth Nr 3: Tooth Extractions are Preferred to Root Canals

Conservation of natural teeth is priority for every dentist, and it is easy to see why. A missing tooth can make other teeth shift, and can also cause problems with eating, speaking, not to mention the effects on the patient’s self-confidence. Therefore, once a tooth is extracted, it must be replaced during a costly and lengthy procedure. In contrast, after root canals the tooth remains firmly in its place, and, with a new crown being placed, it looks as if nothing has happened to it.

Myth Nr 4: Root Canals are Temporary Solutions

The base of this myth can be the fact that the tooth becomes brittle following a root canal. That is why dentists highly recommend the placement of a crown on the affected tooth. During root canals, the bony structure of the root remains untouched, and firmly clings to the jawbone, making it a perfect base for a crown. Root canals conserve the teeth for a lifetime; therefore, their results are far from temporary.
All in all, if done right, root canals are not painful or extended procedures, but rather the most reasonable solutions for tooth conservation. If you think you might need root canal surgery, make an appointment at one of our highly-skilled dentists at Forest & Ray in the heart of Budapest.


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