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Wisdom tooth extraction

What problem does wisdom tooth extraction solve?

Wisdom teeth removal is recommended when there is no enough room for the wisdom teeth to grow properly and they become stuck within your jaw. In other cases wisdom teeth start growing at an angle to another teeth, pushing the neighbouring molars and often causing pain, swelling and bite problems.

Duration of the treatment:

Wisdom tooth extraction takes about 60-90 minutes

Costs of the treatment:

Panoramic X-ray – (8.000 HUF)
Impacted wisdom tooth removal – (45.000 HUF)

Wisdom teeth are the back most teeth, sometimes called third molars. These are the teeth to erupt last of all, and these are also the teeth that cause the most problems throughout life. Not only are they problematic because of their precarious position, but they also frequently grow irregularly, which causes pain and swelling.

What is a wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom teeth that are completely erupted are also problematic as they are difficult to reach and are more likely to develop carries. They also sometimes grow sideways into the teeth next to them, which leads to aesthetic and functional problems. Wisdom teeth are generally removed in one of these situations 

  1. Their position makes them difficult to clean, and they are at a heightened risk of tooth decay, which can lead to severe pain and swelling.
  2. Wisdom teeth have a tendency to push the other teeth together, and create crowding. This can only be remedied with orthodontic treatment, during which the wisdom teeth have to be pulled.
  3. Impacted, partially erupted or even horizontally growing wisdom teeth are not uncommon. Wisdom tooth extraction is needed to avoid pain, swelling and possibly lockjaw.

Healthy, well positioned wisdom teeth can have an important role in chewing, their extraction is only necessary if they pose a risk to the patient’s health.

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Wisdom tooth extraction aftercare

In order to help wisdom tooth extraction recovery, you need to pay special attention to the affected area. Your dentist will provide you with important information and guidelines which are not only recommended, but if left unheeded can lead to serious complications.

  • do not smoke
  • do not eat dairy products
  • do not suck on the extraction site or rinse it vigorously
  • do not strain yourself, avoid sports and physical labour
  • brush the area especially gently, with an extra soft toothbrush

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A wisdom tooth extraction can be a simple few minute procedure, or a complicated surgical intervention. The price of a wisdom tooth extraction is determined by the complexity of the treatment.