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Dental bridge

What problem does it solve?

Bridges can be placed to natural teeth or implants and their primary role is to replace one or more missing teeth.

Duration of the treatment:

The whole treatment requires 2-3 occasions, each takes about 30-60 minutes

Costs of the treatment:

Panoramic X-ray – (8.000 HUF)
Oral hygiene treatment – (from 15.000 HUF)
Metal based crown – (55.000 HUF)
Metal free zirconium crown – (from 99.000 HUF)

What is a dental bridge?

A bridge is a tooth replacement that is made of two or more crowns. It is a staple of restorative dentistry, and can bridge the gap that missing tooth leaves, and can even provide a remedy for partial tooth loss.

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How can you replace teeth with a dental bridge?

The easiest way to explain how a bridge works is to think of a normal, non-dental bridge. Bridges have to be reinforced on two points in order to be able to handle the pressure of being used, so the structure does not collapse. Dental bridges also need pillars of support. The adjacent teeth are usually used as pillars, and more and more frequently, dental implants as well, as they serve as artificial tooth roots and can anchor the bridge.

Snap-on Smile®

The Snap-on Smile® is a removable temporary dental bridge, which can provide a solution for several dental problems. This bridge can be used as a temporary denture until the implant crown is installed, so you can have a nice smile within a short time after implanting.
The Snap-on Smile® will be a perfect choice, when the dentist needs to do a bite raising, but we have to wait for the final denture. Last, but not for least, the Snap-on Smile® is so popular because it is much more affordable than other teeth replacement options. So, for those who can’t afford a complete, expensive dental prosthesis, these dentures are a viable alternative.

In what cases the Snap-on Smile® dental veneers will be useful?

  • In case for broken teeth
  • In case for missing teeth
  • In case of small orthodontic problems (teeth gaps, oblique teeth)
  • In case of too short, small teeth
  • In case of your teeth are discoloured
  • Temporary solution after implantation

Single tooth replacement with a dental bridge

If you only have one missing tooth, the adjacent teeth are usually used as the pillars to the bridge. These two teeth will be prepared in the same way that teeth getting crowns are prepared, and then an imprint will be taken. The dental technicians will then make a three unit bridge, one with the missing tooth I the middle, and two smaller, cap like ends that go atop the teeth next to the missing one. Bridges are considered fixed dental prostheses, and are adhered with very vigorous adhesive.

Types of ceramic dental bridges

Bridges just like the crowns that can be found on them, can also be made with a metallic base, or with a metal free zirconium oxide base. Zirconium based bridges enjoy an aesthetic advantage over their more traditional counterparts, but they are the same in terms of functionality and longevity. A good bridge, provided that the patient has good oral hygiene and visits their dentist regularly, can last up to 15 or even 20 years.

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  • Will the bridge or crown be in a visible portion of the mouth?
  • Does your work require you to look professional; are looks important to your job?
  • Is the cost of a dental bridge secondary as compared to the aesthetic benefits it can give?
  • Are your teeth thin, almost translucent?
  • Have you ever experienced signs and symptoms of a metal allergy?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then we can recommend the zirconium oxide based dental bridge for you. If most of these questions were answered with a resolute and firm “no”, then you are probably better off with a metallic bridge.