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General Terms and Conditions


I. General conditions

Unless otherwise specified in writing, these are the general terms and conditions that Forest and Ray Ltd. (service provider) operates by, and all offers should be understood in light of these conditions, as well as any individual service contracts or treatment plans provided by the service provider.

II. Defining key concepts


Forest & Ray Dental Hungary Kft. (Billing address: 1022 Budapest, Csaba utca 10. IV/36., registration number: 01 09 913457, tax number: 1468030-2-43)

The service provider hereby declares that it is in possession of all professional knowledge, legal requirements and technical conditions necessary in order to perform the tasks it has set out to do, and has medical indemnity licence, which is necessary for the service provider to provide this service.


The patient that is expressly cited in the individual service contract, in the treatment plan or in any other contract applicable to the service provided.

III. Contractual Obligations of the Parties Involved

  1. The parties involved agree that the service provider will provide the dental treatment specified in the treatment plan of the client for the price specified in the treatment plan, unless otherwise stipulated either in writing or verbally, and that the terms and conditions of said dental treatments are governed by the guidelines set up in this document.
    Unless otherwise specified, the dental treatments and any other information in the treatment plan or any other communication by the dentist are to be understood for an indefinite amount of time, and any and all dental treatments will be provide in accordance with our general terms and conditions.
    Any written offers, treatment plans or individual service contracts are based on offers made by the service provider, and once the service provider is allowed to provide service, this means that the client automatically agrees to the terms and conditions set forth in this document, but the service provider is allowed to deviate from treatment if deemed necessary by the dentist providing services, but the client has to be notified of any serious changes made to the treatment. The prices mentioned in the treatment plan are also subject to change depending on the service provided, and the client must be notified of these changes.
  2. The service provider affirms, that besides the necessary technical and legal background, they are also in possession of all professional knowledge and employs dentists that have the proper qualifications to perform the work they are assigned, and employs professionally trained assistants, nurses, subcontractors and staff, and has the necessary materials and equipment to provide the services it promises to, and will provide the services it provides at the time and frequency, and in the manner agreed upon.
  3. The parties involved in the contract understand that the service provider may need to involve subcontractors in order to fulfil the contractual obligations undertaken, especially with regards to technical work, special dental interventions, and dental treatment, after care or treatment, and that the service provider is responsible for the work performed by the subcontractors.

    The service provider is allowed to sell the services of the subcontractors, but only in an unchanged manner, but can modify the price if they deem it necessary or prudent.

IV. Compensation for Services Provided

  1. The service provider must notify the clients of any and all prices charged for dental treatment on their website(http://frdental.hu/arlista.html), and in writing at the dental practice. The service provider is not responsible for mediated services, as these will be determined by the subcontractors and their price lists, but the clients have to be notified about it verbally or in writing before dental treatment begins.
  2. The treatments provided, the materials used and the prices of any mediated services have to be noted down in the treatment plan, and at the end of treatment as well.
  3. If there are no technical fees associated with the treatment, then the payment for services needs to be completed at the end of the treatment, unless otherwise agreed upon. The service provider is allowed to charge according to a previously agreed upon payment plan, that the client must keep.
  4. In the case of larger technical works, or of treatment that has a significant expense, the fee of the treatment must be paid prior to the start of the treatment.
  5. All treatment plans and offers are valid for 30 days after being initially made, after that the service provider reserves the right to change any aspect of it that it may want to, including price of materials and services. The prices and extent of treatments may change based on previously undetected medical reasons, at any time during the course of the treatment, when they are detected, including unforeseen medical interventions that may become necessary.
  6. The client, by signing the receipt provided by the service provider at the end of treatment, testifies that the service provider has indeed provided service in accordance with the general terms and conditions set forth in this document, and has received their receipt. The service provider must provide a bill, which can be mailed or otherwise sent to the client.

V. Terms of Payment

  1. Bills will be provided in the manner stipulated above, in accordance with the financial and accounting laws and regulations applicable, and must include the date it was issued and the manner in which it is paid (credit card or cash), as well as the deadline it must be paid by. The parties involved agree that tardiness of payment will incur a late fee, which will be twice the usual bank rate. If the laws relevant to the contract change while the service is being provided, and before the day the bill is produced, then the service provider must provide the service according to the relevant laws and stipulations, regardless of previously agreed upon terms and conditions.

VI. Privacy Clause

  1. The client gives express permission to the service provider to store their medical and personal information and to keep it safe in a manner that is in accordance with the laws pertaining to privacy, and to treat such information as a business secret. The client also allows the service provider to use only their medical information for the purposes of scientific research.
  2. The client understands that the information given on the medical form pertaining to previous medical history, including previous dental treatments received, allergies and other information is necessary for the dentist to make the best decisions when choosing dental treatments, and that the information given there is valid and true to the best of the client’s knowledge. The client must also provide any information that is relevant to this section that occurs during treatment.
  3. The client understands that there will be video and sound recording of their treatment provided by the service provider on their premises, that it will be made for security reasons, and the client is not opposed to such surveillance. These recordings can only be turned over to relevant authorities.
  4. The client consents to the service provider recording their information in a database, so that the service provider may contact them about changes in service or any other information that may be relevant to the completion of the service. The service provider agrees that the information must not be given to any third party.
  5. The service provider must exhibit the bill of patient’s rights on their premises.
  6. The service provider must compensate the client for any malpractice in accordance with the general rules and regulations that apply from common law.

VII. Other Stipulations

  1. The service provider states that the person signing the treatment plan or the individual service contracts is legally qualified to do so, and that the person receiving treatment is capable of consent. In the case of dental treatment for a person incapable of consent, the client will be the legal guardian or representative of the person receiving treatment.
  2. The client understands that by partaking in services provided, and by signing the treatment plan or the individual service contract, they are agreeing to all of the general terms and conditions stipulated upon in this document.
  3. This document, along with the diagnosis, treatment plan or the individual service contract documents together hold all relevant information pertaining to the contract.
  4. Compensation provided by the service provider is limited to injuries suffered from the use of faulty materials and their malfunction or destruction.
  5. The terms for compensation are null and void in the following cases:
    • terms do not apply to temporary restorations (temporary crowns, fillings and adhesion, etc.)
    • faults and injuries caused by improper use of restorations, or from subjecting them to extreme conditions
    • faults and injuries as a result of the client clearly disregarding the instructions given by the dentist
    • any sort of injury or problem that is a result of a sudden decline in health that is caused by lifestyle choices, bad habits or disease of the patient (for example: bruxism)
    • if the client does not come for check-ups and loses guarantees due to not going to the dentist within six months
    • if the patient has complaints that are clearly a part of the dental procedure given, and that the medical community understands is a side effect of the treatment itself (ie: root canal treatments becoming necessary after a filling or other treatments have failed on a tooth)
    • if the client has declined to receive the dental treatments that are outlined, or if the complaint is due to unfinished dental procedures
    • if the client has improper oral hygiene, smokes, drinks alcohol or abuses drugs or prescription medication habitually, and has complications as a result
    • if the client suddenly loses a lot of weight
    • if the patient is suffering from metabolic diseases or other systemic illnesses, with particular regard to diseases affecting the bones
    • if complications arise from improperly maintained dental restorations
    • if the patient decides to go to a different dentist for technical work or other dental treatments while treatment is in progress
    • if the complaint is made but the conditions necessary to correct or check the validity of the complaint is not given, if the client does not give the dental staff the faulty prosthetics or does not appear at regular check-ups
    • guarantees and terms and conditions do not apply to work done at a different dentistry, and the cost of treatment performed at other dentistries will not be paid under any circumstance

Rights of the service provider

  • The service provider reserves the right to modify, rewrite or otherwise manipulate the treatment plan, the individual service contracts and offers, if the client does not give all medical information, and is revealed at a later date, or if modifications are medically necessary. The service provider must notify the client in writing of any changes
  • The service provider reserves the right to refuse treatment to clients who are uncooperative, or have a drastic change in their physical or mental health, or if the client refuses payment. In these cases, the client will not sue the service provider
  1. The client can cancel or reschedule any dental treatments free of charge up until the day prior to the scheduled time of treatment (until 16:00 on the previous day). If the client has failed to do so and does not show up to the scheduled appointment, or is late more than 15 minutes, then the client must pay 2500 HUF/every half hour of treatment as a late fee, if no suitable explanation is provided for their absence.
  2. In questions not clearly defined in this document, the general Hungarian law will apply, especially the Civil laws that govern health care, dental care, dental treatments and other medical interventions.
  3. In case of libel, the parties involved differ to the judgement of the II and II District general courts.