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Dental cyst removal

When is it necessary?

Regardless the location, dental cyst can lead to serious consequences.  To avoid these problems, if you notice symptoms of a dental cyst, it is definitely worth visiting a dentist for examination, who, if necessary, will remove the dental cyst.

Duration of the treatment:

Dental cyst surgery usually takes about 30-60 minutes.

Costs of the treatment:

Although dental cyst symptoms may not cause serious complaints, dental cyst surgery is still recommended, because cysts grow larger over time. Dental cysts hiding in the jawbone can lead to bone atrophy, while dental root cysts that form at the tip of the tooth roots can lead to visible symptoms as tooth crowding.

Symptoms of a dental cyst:

  • Slight pressure felt in the area
  • Pain
  • Tooth crowding

The easiest and fastest way to diagnose dental cysts is the dental X-ray. As the location of the cyst is visible on the recording, our dentist can suggest the most ideal way to remove the dental cyst.

How does the teeth cyst surgery work?

Cysts located at the root of the tooth, mainly caused by dental problems. These cysts become infected very easily, creating into purulent abscesses. To remove the cysts at the root end, we might need to remove the tooth itself.  Apical resection can be an other solution. In this case we remove both the root end and the cyst to save the tooth.

Oral cysts of non-dental origin can also be removed surgically. In some cases, the cyst will be excised from the jawbone, in other cases, the cyst will be opened, so that the fluid can escape freely, and the jawbone is freed from the pressure and tension caused by the cyst.

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