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Teeth scaling

What problem does teeth scaling solve?

Tartar build up on your teeth is not only an aesthetic problem, it can also lead to the development of cavities and it is considered the primary factor in gum disease. As tartar bonds strongly to enamel, it can be only removed by a dental professional. Having your teeth cleaned professionally in every 6 months plays an essential role in the prevention of gum disease and tooth decay.

Duration of the treatment:

Tooth scale removal only require one occasion that takes about 30-60 minutes.

Costs of the treatment:

Oral hygiene treatment – (from 15.000 HUF)

What is tartar? What is an oral hygiene treatment?

Tartar is calcified, hardened plaque that can be found on the visible portion of the teeth as well as underneath the gums. This material can cause tooth decay, and can contribute to periodontitis and alveolitis. At home oral care routines are not enough to prevent this material from forming, and there are currently no good, reliable methods of removing tartar from teeth at home. Oral hygiene treatment is a routine procedure that is comprised of removing plaque and tartar, and of polishing teeth, making them smooth and shiny.


  • Teeth become lighter coloured and shinier immediately after the procedure
  • Less plaque can accumulate on smooth teeth
  • Stops systemic conditions like bleeding gums
  • Reduces risk of tooth decay
  • Reduces risk of periodontitis
  • Reduces risk of tooth loss
  • It is an excellent investment: regular tartar removal can actually reduce your dental costs by preventing more serious conditions

Process of an ultrasound hygiene session

The process is painless, and involves a handheld device that emits ultrasonic frequencies. This method is used to rid the visible surfaces of plaque and tartar, but the tooth roots need to be treated with a hand held scaler. You may experience bleeding during and after the session but this should stop soon.

After the scaling and root planning, we polish the teeth using a special instrument and some paste. Information about proper at home oral care and about teeth is also exchanged throughout these sessions, and if you have any questions regarding oral care, this is a great time to ask them. 

Ultranhagos fogkőeltávolítás - Forest & Ray Dental

Treatment duration

Tartar removal is a routine dental treatment, but each case is different. Some patients need only a 15 minute quick scaling procedure, while other patients may need more than one appointment to remove all of their tartar.

Airflow hygiene sessions and tooth whitening

This special kind of tooth whitening session has the advantage of being the most gentle method of tooth whitening, but is also highly effective at removing stains and plaque from the tooth surfaces. The Airflow device uses a high powered stream of sodium bicarbonate, water and air to remove stains from the affected teeth. 

Treatment Process of teeth scaling

The powdered sodium bicarbonate removes stains from the tooth surfaces, while the water washes them off of the affected areas. The result is a brilliant white smile that has a natural shine to it. The treatment does not damage the tooth enamel and after the polishing that is part of this treatment, plaque will not be able to stick to your enamel.
We highly recommend this treatment to anyone who smokes, drinks coffee or tea, or to anyone who has a tendency to accumulate tartar, or have gingivitis or periodontitis. Tartar removal with Airflow technology is a part of periodontitis treatment.

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