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Tooth filling

What problem does tooth filling solve?

Filling is used to restore teeth damaged by decay or a fracture. If you’re looking for composit bonding in Budapest to have aesthetic tooth filling, you’re the right place!

Duration of the treatment:

Tooth filling usually takes up to 30-60 minutes per tooth.

Costs of the treatment:

Fillings – (from 22.500 HUF)

What is an aesthetic filling?

Tooth fillings are a safe, healthy way to conserve teeth, and to restore teeth that are decayed or otherwise damaged to their former glory, thanks to the modern materials and procedures used in making a filling. Composit bonding in our Budapest based Dental Clinic is easy and comfortable, our professional team also guarantee that you will have a positive experience.

Long gone is the amalgam of yesteryear, we only use a modern, up to date alternative that is free from health and environmental risks.

Benefits of composit bonding

  • Better sealing material: there is a reduced risk of further decay as compared to amalgam.
  • Less tooth loss: when getting a filling, the rotten bits of your tooth needs to eb removed. With these kinds of fillings, much elss needs to be removed,a s compared to amalgam.
  • Faster: the material sets and hardens faster, so you can eat as soon as the anaesthetic wears off.
  • Aesthetic: looks natural and blends in, like a part of your tooth, if done right they are completely undetectable.

Process of tooth filling

  1. Diagnosis: the dentist has to spot the tooth decay
  2. Anaesthetic: it is merely optional, but very, very much recommended that you let the dentist anaesthetize the region
  3. Removal of the decayed bits of tooth with a laser or a scaler
  4. Treating the surface with a bonding agent (adhesives)
  5. Moulding and layering in the malleable composite resin
  6. Solidification of the composite resin under an UV light
  7. Polishing and sanding the tooth surface until it is smooth and even

Visit Forest&Ray Dental if you are looking for composit bonding in Budapest! Our team will make sure to create aesthetic, beneficial tooth filling for you.

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