General consultation

5.000 HUF

Panoramic X-ray

5.500 HUF

Small X-ray

2.500 HUF



from 19.700 HUF


from 18.700 HUF

Wisdom tooth extraction

from 24.700 HUF

Impacted wisdom tooth removal

37.700 HUF

Root canal treatment

from 21.077 HUF


Dental veneer

from 34.900 HUF

Lumineers® Dental Veneers (in case of 1-3 veneers)

207.000 HUF/veneer

Lumineers® Dental Veneers (in case of 3-5 veneers)

197.000 HUF/veneer

Lumineers® Dental Veneers (in case of 5+ veneers)

187.000 HUF/veneer

Metal based crown

44.900 HUF

Metal free zirconium crown

89.000 HUF


from 44.900 HUF

Snap-on Smile® (full denture)

227.000 HUF

Snap-it Smile® (max. 6 units)

167.000 HUF


Complete oral hygiene treatment

from 9.700 HUF

Chair side tooth whitening

79.700 HUF

At home tooth whitening

44.900 HUF

Multi-modal tooth whitening (tooth whitening+hygiene)

84.700 HUF


Orthodontic consultation

5.000 HUF

Starting package (panoramic x-ray, study model, treatment plan)

24.900 HUF

Traditional metal braces for 1 arch (appliance only)

149.900 HUF

Aesthetic braces for 1 arch (appliance only)

209.900 HUF

Happy Smile clear aligner for 1 arch

34.900 HUF

Retainers for 1 arch

from 24.900 HUF

Metal brace activation fees

10.000 HUF


Alpha Bio Spiral

109.900 HUF


from 57.900 HUF

Crown for implants

from 69.900 HUF


from 97.900 HUF

Sinus lift

from 59.900 HUF

Bone replacement

from 44.900 HUF

Apical resection

from 29.900 HUF

*The price is meant for the denture only, it does not include the dental implants.
We uphold the right to change our prices. Dental treatments are tax free, so the prices indicated in the pricelist are the final price.
The dentist reserves the right to modify the price if it is warranted by the dental treatment.

The prices of dental services we are offering in Budapest for dental tourists differ from those offered to local residents for the following reasons:
- The liability insurances for treating our patients coming from other countries are much higher than those of the local residents.
- Forest & Ray offers the possibility of a consultation and aftercare in London, at a clinic open 7 days a week, even in the case of a Budapest treatment - with the same dentist.
- We guarantee full administration and organisation of travel, accomodation and transfer bookings for our patients coming from other countries. The transfers between the clinic, the airport and the chosen accomodation are at the company’s expense as well. We guarantee a dedicated representative for our patients during the entire time they spend in Budapest.
- Our dentists need to be registered with Dental Councils in Hungary as well as in the United Kingdom, and they need to have liability insurance in the United Kingdom, too.
- These services mean considerable extra costs for our company, this is the reason for us not being able to guarantee the same prices for our dental tourist patients that we are offering to local residents. We appreciate your understanding.
- The companies offering services for a lower price are not able to provide the extra services guaranteeing the pateints’ safety and the continuity of the treatment and care that we are offering.