Combined dentures

Combined denture

If tooth loss is so bad that the remaining teeth can be dislodged or damaged during biting or chewing, a combined tooth replacement therapy could be the best option.

As the name suggests, this type of tooth replacement is a mix of two tooth prostheses:
- Fixed bridges
- Removable partial denture

Making these combined tooth prostheses takes a bit longer, than your regular, easily removable partial dentures. The production requires a lot more work, during which the patient needs to come back frequently, to make sure that the prosthetics fit perfectly at the end of the treatment.

A combined tooth replacement method will stop tooth loss from getting worse, it is easier to clean than a fully fixed bridge, it is easy to handle and these factors guarantee that the chance of tooth decay and gum disease is minimised. The prosthesis is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, for patients who use them.


First, the remaining teeth are shaped, after which the technician will make the fixed units; the crowns and bridges. During the treatment, at least two teeth will be used to anchor the bridge. After the patient has tried the bridge on enough to make sure that it is good enough, and all modifications have been done, it is time to make the removable portion of the prosthesis. The removable partial denture will link up with the bridge using the binding units that have been previously installed. The resulting tooth replacement will provide a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance than a simple removable partial denture.

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