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Healthy teeth = a confident smile

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healthy teeth
A nice smile radiates confidence

Stained, yellow teeth will make you look dirty and dingy, which is why it is so important to have nice white teeth, that appear healthy. A recent study has shown that at least as many people are unhappy with their teeth as with their body weight, and just as people try to hide their bodies behind loose fitting clothing, so do we try to hide our teeth behind tightly closed lips. It is surprising how many people are ashamed of their smile, because their teeth show when they smile, and the teeth may be yellowed, some teeth may be rotten, uneven or they may have tooth gaps. Indeed, it seems that healthy teeth are a necessary part of a confident, beautiful smile, and everyone should smile from time to time. Why a confident smile is a necessity for social progress, and what effects a healthy smile and a good laugh have on our life is discussed at length below.       


What does our smile say about us?

A bright, shining white smile is a sign of vitality and fertility in many cultures. People who are not confident about the appearance of their teeth will smile very rarely, and with closed lips or their hand in front of their mouth. Studies have shown that people are distrustful of their peers that engage in this behaviour, and consider them to be untrustworthy, moody, ironic or even arrogant.
A set of nice teeth will boost confidence and will help with overall stability. A perfect smile is an asset to anyone at all, as you cannot hope to move about with ease and confidence in your personal life or in a professional setting without one, and this will make others think that you lack confidence, are hiding something, or are anxious or afraid, possibly even unfriendly.

healthy teeth
Having nice teeth is no longer a question of age

Why are nice teeth important?

Healthy, nice looking teeth are a mandatory component of a charming smile, and remind us of youth and health. A nice smile can be captivating, and a broken, decayed tooth can be disappointing. These kinds of teeth are the reason many people do not want to show a toothy smile, but a heartfelt laugh has many positive health effects.
A nice smile can be a road to success. If you buy something in a store or a bar, you are more likely to get served quicker and better if you as with a smile. People are more empathic to those with a nice smile. Think about how it feels when someone smiles at you. Your mood will improve, and if coming from someone you are attracted to, you can feel more attractive as well. Why not pass the feeling on?
Laughter not only helps those around you, it can help you as well. It will boost confidence, and can turn a bad day into something extraordinary, as the brain can work backwards: a nice smile helps to produce endorphins, which cause a feeling of happiness.
This method is used in self-help as well. People with low confidence are urged to smile at themselves in the mirror in the morning, and are also told to say a few positive sentences to their mirror image, and the effects are real. The patients who do this become more balanced individuals.     


What can you do if your teeth are bad?

Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a nice smile and healthy teeth, and many more patients allow their teeth to lapse into a state of disorder, to become discoloured and eventually decayed. A wide smile will show off your teeth, and so people with and teeth will hide their smile or even worse, not smile at all. These patients are depriving themselves and their surroundings of endorphins. This is why you may need to take action to keep your teeth healthy, or to make them attractive looking again.
These days a little staining or perhaps a bit of tartar or plaque is nothing serious, as there are many dental procedures that can get rid of them in  price effective and safe manner. There are many different kinds of procedures to look at and choose from, which will make your teeth new again. Tartar removal and whitening sessions are considered routine procedures, and are pain free and gentle to the tooth enamel as well.  

healthy teeth


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