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In Search of the Most Aesthetic Dental Filling

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Dentists all agree that amalgam fillings are unattractive, non-durable and harmful solutions that belong to the past. Fortunately, newer and better filling substances are invented at a quick pace, thus, dentists have a huge variety of choices. We discuss in detail, which ones combine beauty with durability the best.

aesthetic filling
Aesthetic filling


Composites are the most widely used materials for an aesthetic dental filling, and it is not a coincidence. This substance consists of resin, strengthened with glass and porcelain particles. The originally plastic mass is set with a special light, and becomes as solid as the dental enamel. During the process, the substance forms a chemical bond with the tooth, making the filling highly durable and seamlessly fitting. It is also an aesthetically ideal solution, given that its colour can be matched perfectly with that of the tooth. They can also be used for repairing chipped or broken teeth, but are unsuitable for filling larger gaps. That is what inlays or onlays are for.

Inlays / Onlays

This solution is chosen when a large part of the tooth is missing, therefore, filling is not a choice anymore, and a crown would make the tooth too tall. Inlays are placed on the wall of the tooth, while onlays are laid on their upper surface. If we are looking for natural and aesthetic results, these should be made of porcelain or composite, which all have lifelike appearance, unlike precious metals, the colour of which is quite different from the natural tooth colour.


Ceramic fillings are generally made of porcelain, which is an aesthetic solution, and is more stain-resistant and durable than other methods. These very positive characteristics have their price, of course: the cost of a ceramic filling can be as much as that of a filling made with gold.

Tooth Filling
Tooth filling for dental cavity

Glass ionomer

These fillings contain a special kind of glass and acrylic. They are not as strong as other tooth filling substances; therefore, they are mostly used for fillings below the gumline, on the neck of the teeth and baby teeth. They look highly lifelike, and might also contain fluoride, which strengthens and protects the tooth from further decay.

Dental nanocomposites

We have saved the best for last. Dental nanocomposites are the newest achievements in dentistry. They contain nano particles, which, due to their minuscule size, fill gaps more efficiently and seamlessly than any other filling material. They are versatile, lifelike, strong and durable, making them the perfect choice for an aesthetic dental filling.

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