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Tooth Filling on Front Teeth

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For a long time tooth decay had been handled with amalgam fillings, which were neither durable, nor pleasant looking. Aesthetical tooth fillings have been a game changer in dentistry, offering strength, endurance and beauty all at the same time. They are especially useful when front teeth need filling due to cavities or chipping. They blend in perfectly with their surroundings, thus, natural bone tissue and aesthetical fillings are almost impossible to tell apart.

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Tooth Filling on Front Teeth

Advantages of Aesthetical Tooth Fillings

Aesthetical fillings do not contain metals; instead, they consist of resin, strengthened with glass and porcelain particles. Contrary to traditional fillings that only bind mechanically, this new generation of materials binds also chemically to the tooth surface. This provides more durability and strength to the filling. 

Besides their endurance, aesthetical fillings are also much more pleasing to the eye. Their hue is usually mixed using several shades to make sure they match the natural colour of the tooth. The glass and porcelain particles guarantee a mildly translucent texture, which resembles perfectly to that of natural teeth. 

The Process of Aesthetical Filling

The material of aesthetical fillings is originally liquid, making it able to fill the space in the tooth seamlessly. Once it is in the cleansed tooth cavity, it is bound by blue light of 450 nanometre wavelength. During the process, the resin encapsulates the glass and porcelain particles, making the filling strong, natural looking, and also mechanically and chemically attached to the tooth. When the material is solid, its surface is shaped by a diamond polishing head to make sure the upper and lower dental arches can be closed comfortably. The dentist might also carve grooves to the surface of the filling to create a natural look.

Dental Veneers – Alternatives to Front Tooth Fillings

In the case of chipped front teeth dental veneers provide an excellent alternative to aesthetical tooth fillings. Direct veneers are used for solving minor aesthetical problems. During the process, the dentist shapes an aesthetic layer on the outer surface of the tooth, with the help of materials also used for aesthetical fillings. This treatment provides quick and spectacular results after only one session at the dentist. Indirect veneers require a mould of the patient’s mouth, based on which the dental technician crafts tailor-made veneers. These are fastened to the tooth during a second session, using a special kind of dental adhesive. Given their looks and longevity, indirect veneers are also a perfect choice for achieving a nice-looking, even smile.  

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