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A First Visit to the Forest & Ray Dental Clinic

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Like so many, I had been avoiding the dentist for many years for many reasons- one being the previous bad experiences I had at the dentist as a child. You can imagine my relief when-as I entered the bright, attractive, office and sat comfortably, I spied a young child-patient, her treatment having been finished, smiling proudly and taking a picture with her dentist. My fears instantly floated away. I immediately felt at home at Forest& Ray Budapest.

Dentistry in Budapest
Dentistry in Budapest

Why People Avoid the Dentist

There are many other fears which keep people from going to the dentist. Among them is the fear of pain, the fear of being lectured and embarrassed and, of course, the biggest fear for most- the cost. I have to tell you that after meeting with the practice manager, Ferenc, and being examined by the dentist, David, I really felt relaxed and comfortable. And speaking about relaxed and comfortable- that’s the feeling you get from the time you walk into the clinic-feel the professional, quiet ambiance- and sit in the comfortable waiting area. One word sums up the feeling- professional.

The Fear of Being Lectured

So yes, after so many years away from the dentist’s chair, I was afraid I’d be lectured about my bad dental habits and my bad teeth. But nothing of the kind happened. First, a state of the art x-ray was taken and then the dentist examined my teeth while I sat in the comfortable dentist’s chair. Then I thought, “Ok, that went alright- but for sure now I’m going to get the embarrassing lecture.” I was wrong. Instead, David (the dentist) congratulated me for finally coming in for treatment and calmly and professionally explained the problems he found in a way I could understand. Then, he outlined a comprehensive treatment plan that made sense to me.

The Fear of Pain

As I mentioned before, there are many reasons people avoid the dentist and one big reason is the fear of pain. So while the treatment plan made sense, it was rather comprehensive. To me, that meant months of pain. But the dentist clearly explained how much dentistry has changed over the years- and for the better. One area that has improved is that of painless dental procedures. I was relieved to learn a little not only about the state of the art equipment (which I could see from my chair) but the latest innovations in pain-removing anaesthesia. I was feeling better and more confident and comfortable already.

Dentist in Budapest
Dentist in Budapest

Affordable Dental Care

Next was the matter of cost for the extensive treatment due to my years of neglect and avoiding the dentist. I braced for the bad news but was surprised at how reasonable and affordable such good dental treatment could be. It was much, much less than similar treatment would cost elsewhere-especially in the West. As a result, I felt ashamed that the fear of cost was probably a key reason I had for not visiting the dentist sooner. And it became clear to me that I didn’t save any money by delaying my visit.

Great Lessons Learned From My Visit

In not just writing for the clinic but getting a first-hand chance to experience the professionalism there, I learned some great lessons during my pleasant visit to the Forest& Ray Dental Clinic in Budapest. I learned that quality, affordable dental care is a reality in Budapest. And I learned there will be added expense that you will incur down the road by putting off going to the dentist early and often. Yes, it pays to be proactive. So contact Forest& Ray Budapest today and look forward to an enjoyable dental experience like I had! BTW, I learned that being a dental patient will make me a better dental writer, too!


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