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At home remedies for tooth decay


Tooth decay, or dental carries are usually caused by improper oral hygiene. But many of us who are extremely precise and thorough in our oral care routines also end up developing carries. Why is this?
Tooth decay is caused by the plaque and tartar that sticks to the tooth surfaces. If it is not removed in time, the bacteria living in the plaque will eventually erode the tooth enamel, which will cave in and form carries. This because of the acidic by products of the bacteria living in the plaque itself. This acidic environment is also bad for the gums.  

Toothache can be caused by many things

How to treat tooth decay

How to treat decay depends on how extensive the tooth decay is. Tooth decay starts at the enamel, and burrows ever deeper, reaching the tooth roots in time. If you do not get the tooth treated, an extraction will become inevitable!
If you find the cause of the decay in time, then you can save the rest of the tooth, and can even reverse the process to a certain extent. The problem is that tooth decay is symptom free at first, and usually we only notice it once there is a problem. At that point the decay will have reached the internal structures, and an appointment will be inevitable, and you will lose some tooth material during the procedure.
This is why we recommend prevention and treating the problem in its early stages! Tooth decay is visible, even before it can be felt. If you see discolouration of your teeth, go and see a dentist, so the problem can be dealt with before it starts to become painful. Going to your half year check-ups is the best form of prevention.    

Half year check-ups are the best prevention!

Home remedies against tooth decay 

The fight against tooth decay is usually fought at home, with a thorough and circumspect oral hygiene routine.
You should brush your teeth at least twice a day, and at least 20-30 minutes AFTER a meal, for at least two minutes at a time. Be sure to apply proper tooth brushing technique: circular motions that are gentle but firm, and not too vigorous, not neglecting the gums either. Tooth decay usually start sin the tooth gaps, so be sure to floss or use an interdental toothbrush to clean between the teeth, and to use mouthwash as well.
What you eat also affects how well your teeth function. Eat less carbs and less refined sugar, and try and avoid acidic drinks and foods. Eat regularly, and avoid snacking, as snacking upsets the pH levels of your mouth, and can harm your teeth.
If you feel or see that your teeth are decaying, please go and see a dentist immediately. You need the help of a professional to rid you of tooth decay.

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