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At home tartar removal

Fogkõ eltávolítása otthon

Tartar can be the result of a number of issues, but more often than not, there is simply nothing that can be done against the formation of plaque and tartar in certain areas, and it will continue to appear and reappear. Tartar gives the impression of an uncouth mouth; it dulls the smile, and can be the cause of numerous rather unpleasant symptoms, such as gum recession, bleeding gums, and of course halitosis and an unpleasant taste in the mouth. Naturally, something must be done against it. DIY solutions are very trendy now, and many people are writing about DIY dental tricks and tips, but are they really worth it? After all, if interior design and a bunch of cosmetic procedures can be done at home, then why not at home tartar removal? In this article, we wish to persuade you to go to a professional.    

Tartar deposits on the lingual side of the front teeth

At home tartar removal methods

The most common method on the internet is definitely the sodium-bicarbonate rinse tactic, and while this practice is not without merits, it is much better as a preventative measure than as a cure for any sort of dental issues. Hydrogen peroxide is also frequently mentioned as a tartar removal cure, and although this is a very strong antibacterial chemical, it will not remove tartar, regardless of how much you brush or rinse.
Many people also try different kinds of potions and elixirs, like the one with walnut shells and water, and then boil for 20 minutes. Another one mentions linden flowers, sunflower seeds and water as its ingredients. Results are said to be visible in 10 days. All potions seem to have the same process of use: brush your teeth with said potion for 5 minutes, and marvel at the results.

Tartar can be very difficult to remove at home


Benefits of at home tartar removal methods

Products that you have to make at home are usually much cheaper than processed goods, but they do have the benefit that you know exactly what goes into the potion. This means the mixture can be as additive free, natural and whatever else you may like, as you want.

The risk you take when going for DIY tartar removal

The risks in this case outweigh the supposed and somewhat mercurial benefits. Scrubbing and brushing can lead to damaged tooth enamel and periodontium, and methods that involve rigorous scrubbing are the most famous. Even if you do manage to scrub off the tartar (which is very highly unlikely), you will be left with a rough tooth surface where plaque and tartar will continue to accumulate.
With then potions and mixtures we mentioned, especially ones containing hydrogen peroxide, the problem is that not only bad bacteria and invasive microbes are killed, but the useful bacteria that help you digest are also destroyed, and these kinds of abrasive mixtures can harm your soft tissues as well. It is also worth knowing that tartar is not a mass of live bacteria, and hydrogen peroxide is only a threat to living organisms.

Our conclusions

At home “miracle” cures and methods are -together with the mandatory rigorous at home oral hygiene routine– frequently great methods of prevention, but they are usually very ineffective at removing tartar that has already formed, and have the potential to do more harm than good.
It is best to leave the tartar removing to the professionals, as they have the best tools and methods available, and they have the know how to remove tartar from your tooth surfaces without damaging your soft tissues or your tooth enamel. Aside from this, the dentist can remove plaque and tartar from underneath the gums as well, which you cannot do at home. 

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