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Braces for adults

It used to be embarrassing, but now it’s trendy: braces are no longer a subject of shame, but rather a sign of health consciousness. You can hear people complain about how they didn’t get graces as kids, but is it ever too late to start?

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The History of Braces

During the course of history, people have always desired a beautiful, even set of teeth. What methods did they use during the millennia, and when were the first modern orthodontic appliances created? Read our article to find out.


How Bridges Are Made

Dental bridges are the solution to partial or complete tooth loss on an arch. Here is some information on how they are made!


Tooth Whitening Strips

When tooth whitening toothpastes are not enough anymore, and your teeth remain yellow, it is time to try tooth whitening stickers. Which one? How to use them? Let us help!


Tips to Fight the Fear of the Dentist

Most people who avoid the dentist do so because of a phobia. Don’t let your fear of the dentist ruin your oral health! Here are a few tips to help you overcome!

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4 Misconceptions about Root Canal Treatments

Root canals are among the most effective and well-tried conservative treatments in dentistry. Yet, it is common belief that they are extremely prolonged, painful and inefficient. We dispel these myths in our article below.