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Tooth filling step by step

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Tooth filling is one of the most common dental treatments. Very likely most of the people had at least one cavity in their life, but still most of them are terrified even at the next appointment, too. How does the dentist fill your tooth? Drills your teeth and puts a filling into the hole – usually people remember only these two steps. Certainly, it is because of people trying not to pay attention during the treatment, they do not want to know anything, what is happening in their mouth. While the treatment not only consists of two steps. What else is going on in our mouth during the treatment? – read more to know it!

Tooth filling

Tooth filling step by step 

First step: removal of the decaying part with a drill, if this part is bigger than a needlepoint.
Second step: if the tooth is clean and smooth from the decaying parts, the dentist takes Adhesive to the surface, which prepares the surface for the filling material. This is needed because of the chemical bonding.
Third step: photopolymerisation of the adhesive layer, takes about 10 sec.
Fourth step: setting a special composite to the hole. Due to this material, the filling is put onto a stable layer, the dentin is closed and insulated. 
Fifth step: building up the interproximal wall of the hole. For this step, the dentist uses an enamel filling material, which has body colour. 
Sixth step: the dentist puts one layer of filling into the hole, which has the same colour as your teeth.
Seventh step: the actual tooth filling. The dentists makes the filling out of layers, each layer is needed to be set by 10 sec photopolymerisation.
Eighth step: polishing. At this step the dentist works on the final surface of the filling. It is very important, that the dentist must polish the filling until it reaches the suitable biting height. At this step, the patient helps the doctor, because the patient feels the right height (is it disturbing, is it scratching or something like that). The dentist polishes the surface until it is fine for the patient.

Tooth decay

When a tooth filling is needed?

Tooth filling is necessary, if the enamel of our teeth get injured, which is usually caused by tooth decay. When your tooth is chipped down or frayed, the dentist also solves this problem with tooth filling.


Right dental hygiene, healthy foods, half year dental check-ups – these are the most important things for preventing tooth decay. But tooth decay can happen to anyone, any time. When the tooth enamel injures, there is a higher chance of the damage of internal tooth parts, and it can be more serious problem, than we think. If we go to the dentist in time, a tooth filling prevents the spread of the infection, so the internal parts stay healthy. That is why it is highly recommended to meet the dentist as the signs appear.

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