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At Home Tooth Whitening

The good news is that yes, it does exist. The bad news is that there are no magic secret weapons against tooth discolouration. These at home tooth whitening methods are by far the most economicl, and also the most gentle on your teeth, but they also tend to be the least effective. We have gatered them here in this article in three easy categories:

Folk methods

tooth-whiteningWho hasn’t heard of whitening your teeth with sodium bicarbonate? Spread the sodium bicarbonate along your teeth with a wet toothbrush, and wait for a miraculous new smile. Women’s magazines frequently advocate rubbing certain fruits (like lemon or strawberries) against your tooth surfaces. Unfortunately these methods provide no appreciable difference. Using sodium bicarbonate is not such a great idea either, as frequent use can rub your enamel right off of your teeth. Fruit are much less harmful, but they do also contain citric acid, which is not the best for your enamel. If you use these methods once a month may be effective in keeping the shade they have, and can stop further discolouration.


Drug store materials

There are a wide variety of pens and ointments, and even the ever popular strips to choose from, not to mention whitening mouthwash, whitening toothpaste, and so on. They are readily available in drug stores and pharmacies, they are relatively cheap, and persistent use can result in a smile that is a few shades lighter. It is vitally important that you follow the instructions that these come with and do not overuse, so as to avoid the negative side effects that some of these products can have.

At home whitening kits

If you have a few minutes to talk to your dentist and go in for an appointment, than the safest and most effective t home tooth whitening method is the one that he or she will provide. Usually, these are at home whitening kits which contain a tray that goes over the teeth, and tooth whitening gel, which, once applied to the trays, will be distributed evenly over the surface of your teeth. Their effect can be felt quickly if you use the gel every day for the allotted time. The effect should be quite noticeable in 1-2 weeks, and your teeth can become quite a few shades whiter for a long time by the end of the treatment. These kits also have the added benefit of being made in laboratory conditions, undergoing rigorous testing, and that a dentist checks on the results on your teeth on a regular basis.

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