Dental implant procedure

What problem does it solve? Dental implants are artificial tooth roots which are inserted in the jaw bone and used to replace missing teeth. An implant can replace one tooth only, or if a full arch of teeth is missing, they can be replaced with only 4 implants with the technique All on 4.
Recommended additional treatment(s): Complete dental check-up
CT scan
Dental cleaning
Expected treatment time or appointment: 3-4 appointments, 30-90 mins/appointment
Treatment costs:

Panoramic X-ray - (8.000 HUF)

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What is a dental implant?

Dental implant procedure

Dental implants are tiny titanium screws, which are the same size as the tooth roots, between 6-16 millimetres long and 3-6 millimetres thick. The whole point of dental implant treatment is that we replace not just the visible portion, the crown, but the tooth roots as well.

Dental implants are thus an artificial tooth root, which are inserted surgically into the jawbone.


Each dental implantation is different, and many factors can influence the dental implant process. Sometimes extra treatments are needed before the actual dental implantation. Below you can see a typical example of dental implantation.


The dentist will take an x-ray, possibly a CT scan if needed, and will explain all of the details of your treatment, including which procedures will be done, and how much they will cost.

2. Extraction

If you have any teeth that need to be removed, they will be removed and you will have to heal before dental implantation.

3. Dental implantation

After around 8 weeks, dental implantation can take place. The dental implant is placed in the jawbone under local anaesthetic, and is left to heal for 4 months.

4. Uncovering

After 4 months our patient coordinator will call and will give an appointment. The gum that has grown over the implant will be removed, and a healing screw will be placed, along with a temporary crown.

5. Hand over appointment

The end of the treatment has arrived. The final crown will be done in 5 work days, and after trying it on, if the patient likes the crown it will be adhered finally, and that will be the end of the treatment.

You can see our price list here.