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Home Remedies for Oral Malodour

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Bad breath is among the biggest everyday problems of the modern man. Fortunately, there are some simple tricks that eliminate this unpleasant symptom with the use of only a few ingredients, found in any home. Read further to find out about them all.

Power of herbs
The Power of Herbs and Seeds

The Power of Herbs and Seeds

Chewing on parsley, mint, basil or cilantro freshens up your breath immediately. These contain chlorophyll, which is known to counterbalance unpleasant smells. Fennel seeds and cloves all have antimicrobial properties, and also smell heavenly. Therefore, by chewing on a few seeds, we can kill two birds with one stone. Drinking herbal teas of these two natural ingredients also has the same effect, complemented by the fact that tea consumption also contributes to hydration, also crucial in eliminating bad odours in the mouth.

Home Remedies – Mouthwashes against Bad Breath

Home-made mouthwashes against bad breath do the trick just as finely as store-bought ones, while being less expensive and more natural at the same time. A mouthwash made with pH-neutralizing baking soda, antimicrobial and fragrant peppermint oil and water neutralizes odours, and provides a pleasant minty taste and smell. Cinnamon contains a chemical compound called cinnamic aldehyde, known for its antibacterial properties. You should simply boil a teaspoon of ground cinnamon in a cup of water, strain it, and rinse with the solution after it has cooled down. Similarly, a mixture of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and water, due to its acidic pH, helps to reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth, and provides a nice fruity smell.

vegetables against oral malodour
Everyday Care against Oral Malodour

Everyday Care against Oral Malodour

There are some simple, everyday routines that are the cornerstones of fighting bad breath. Washing your teeth at least twice a day, preferably with toothpaste containing antibacterial tea-tree oil, flossing daily and using antiseptic mouthwash is only the first step. To make it extra clean and bacteria-free, make sure you store your toothbrush in a hydrogen peroxide solution, and rinse it properly before use. Consume more crispy raw vegetables and fruits, especially apples or carrots to get rid of plaque on your teeth, and increase fibre intake. Plus, eat more food with probiotics, such as yoghurt or sauerkraut, to make “good” bacteria outnumber the bad in your mouth. And last, but not least, fight mouth dryness by drinking more water, breathing through your nose, quitting smoking and chewing sugar free gums.

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