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How to take care of your sapphire crystal braces?

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The best decision for aesthetic orthodontic treatment is getting clear sapphire crystal brackets. Not only are they the most aesthetically pleasing bracket available, but has all of the positive aspects of getting fixed traditional braces. They do come with some of the negative aspects as well, and do need to be maintained. Here is everything you may want to know about how to care for sapphire crystal braces.


Basic care

Caring for any kind of traditional fixed brace is always the same. You should invest in an interdental toothbrush, as there will be a heightened need for flossing, but dental floss may not be able to handle the brackets, and may get torn and stuck in between the wires and the brackets. To avoid this, an interdental toothbrush is the best bet; it looks roughly like a bottle brush, and has tiny soft bristles that can easily get between the brackets and the wires, removing any and all food detritus that can get caught in the orthodontic appliance. Use this appliance every time you brush, which should be twice a day.


Part of caring for your braces is not ruining them by eating foods that are off limits. No sugary foods allowed,a s they make your risk of tooth decay sky rocket. No hard foods and raw veggies either, as they can dislodge the brackets. Make sure that you rinse your mouth out after every meal, even if you are just having a snack or just had a soda or a cup of juice. Eat foods that are easy to chew and easy to remove, especially in the first few weeks, when you are still getting used to wearing your braces.


Although the sapphire crystal brackets are stain free, they will discolour if repeatedly subjected to the same materials. You should not smoke during orthodontic treatment, as this can discolour the brackets from accumulated tar and nicotine stains. You should cut down on tea and coffee as well, but there is no need to completely forego these delicious and life saving beverages. Make sure you rinse after drinking them to give your saliva a chance to remove stains.

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