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Oral Hygiene of Teenagers – Ensuring Healthy Teeth in Time

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According to a recent study published by the International Journal of Dental Hygiene, teeth of ‘night owl’ teenagers are in much worse shape than of those who go to bed before their parents. Reasons are quite diverse, however, the problem could be prevented with care, attention and an efficient oral hygiene routine. 

Oral Hygiene of Teenagers – Ensuring Healthy Teeth in Time

Late Nights – Bad Teeth

Teenagers who go to sleep late at night are usually too tired to wash their teeth. As a result, bacteria and acids in the oral cavity have all night to do their job, causing caries and gum diseases. These all affect the social bonds of teenagers, and of course, their health, too. Therefore, failing to wash their teeth before sleep is particularly bad for them. 

Adolescents staying awake until late at night are much more likely to sleep in, making them skip breakfast. To ease their hunger, they often turn to sugary snacks, which not only affects their bodyweight, but can also cause tremendous damage to their teeth. A healthy, protein rich breakfast contains very few ingredients that are harmful to the teeth. On the contrary, fattening snacks consist mainly of such components, causing caries rapidly if consumed too often. 

Prevention for Healthy Teeth

Like in many cases, prevention and paying attention are the most important factors. With minimal effort we can do a lot for the health of our children’s teeth. Staying up late at night is a habit that they most probably won’t kick, so make sure to talk to them about the importance of oral hygiene before going to bed. Washing teeth thoroughly and applying antibacterial mouthwash and dental floss before sleep is crucial.

In the morning make sure that they have a nutritious, protein-rich, low-carb breakfast, providing energy for a long time. This way perhaps they won’t feel the urge to substitute the most important meal of the day with unhealthy snacks. 

Oral hygiene of teenagers is of especially great importance, given that this is the age when they learn the most about proper oral care routine. If they manage to do so, they will be able to flaunt healthy teeth even when they are old.

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