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Pain after Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal is a major surgery, during which diseased pulp and debris are cleaned from the canals. So, it is quite normal to feel pain for a few days after the procedure. But what should we do if the pain just won’t ease? Read our blog entry to find out!

Toothache after root canal treatment
Toothache after root canal treatment

Common Causes of Pain after Root Canal

The most common cause of pain after a root canal is that these surgeries are carried out mainly on previously inflamed teeth. During a root canal, all unwanted tissue and bacteria are removed from the root canals, preventing the inflammation from reoccurring again. This might irritate the remaining nerves and gums, causing tenderness and a slight ache for a short period of time. Healing of the surrounding tissues might take a few days, even up to a week, but after that all pain is usually gone. During that period, over the counter painkillers can be taken to ease the pain.

Another main cause for post-surgery pain is that some teeth have several root canals, and the dentist might not be able to find and clean them all. This can result in inflammation, due to the bacteria, debris and pulp that remained in the canal. Another deep cleaning session should solve the problem, maybe even with the use of the latest laser technologies, which are really efficient in disinfecting and deep-cleaning the root canal.
During a root canal treatment it is possible that the dentist pierces through the end of the root. This is called overinstrumentation, and, besides the initial pain caused by the needle itself, it can be followed by inflammation, due to the bacteria getting in the surrounding tissues. It can be prevented by an exact measurement of the root canal to be able to pick a tool with the right length. Inflammation is usually treated with anti-inflammatory medication.
Root canals after a surgery are closed by fillings to make sure they stay clean and germ-free. Root canal fillings must fill out the whole space inside the tooth seamlessly to avoid further problems. If the filling does not reach the root end, bacteria might remain in there, causing inflammation and severe pain. Another root canal surgery, filling and anti-inflammatory medicines should clear out bacteria, and reduce soreness in a few days.

Root canal treatment
Root canal treatment

Pain after Root Canals – When to Contemplate Extraction

Teeth with complicated or multiple root canal systems are almost impossible to clean properly. This allows bacteria to cause inflammation over and over again, resulting in discomfort, and can be a potential source of infection, which might affect the overall health of the body. In this case, tooth extraction is the only reasonable solution. Similarly, if a tooth needs root canal surgery multiple times, and still no remission can be achieved, getting rid of the tooth is a sensible decision. If a tooth cracks or splits during or after root canal surgery beyond repair, again, extraction and implantation can be the perfect and lasting solution for the problem.
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