Tooth extraction

What problem does it solve? If the restoration of the tooth is not an option any more (due to a severe decay, fracture or gum disease) tooth removal may be necessary. Also in cases when a tooth doesn't respond to root canal treatment it may need to be taken out in order to protect the gums and the remaining teeth.
Recommended additional treatment(s): Complete dental check-up
Panoramic Xray
Dental cleaning
Expected treatment time or appointment: 30-60 mins
Treatment costs:

Panoramic X-ray - (8.000 HUF)

Small X-ray - (4.000 HUF)

Extraction - (from 17.500 HUF)

Wisdom tooth extraction - ()

Is there such a thing as a pain free tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction

Yes there is! Tooth extraction is only painful in a handful of unfortunate circumstances, and the pain should only start hours after the procedure, when the anaesthetic wears off. Most cases do not even require pain medication, but it is available to treat more severe cases.

Patients who undergo a surgical extraction should brace themselves for a bit of discomfort, and need to follow some guidelines during the days that the periodontal tissue is healing.

When is an extraction necessary?

  • An infected tooth may need to be extracted if there is only a slight chance that he tooth can be saved, or if the patient specifically asks for it.
  • Root canaled teeth may need to be extracted if the tooth breaks or if it causes reoccurring problems.
  • A broken tooth needs to be extracted if it cannot be repaired, and the long term safety of the tooth cannot be guaranteed.
  • Wisdom teeth frequently have abnormal growing patterns, and are frequently extracted.
  • Orthodontic treatment may require tooth extractions, if there is severe crowding.
  • Dental implant treatments that affect the entire jaw may require preliminary tooth extractions.

The First Few Days

In order to avoid possible complications, we ask patients to follow these simple guidelines:

  • The oral cavity must be kept extra clean, oral hygiene is of the utmost importance
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol are forbidden while the gums are healing
  • Avoid dairy products, especially ones with live bacterial cultures like yoghurt, ayran or kefir
  • Spicy foods may be unpleasant in the first few days, foods that are soft and easy to chew are recommended, and they should be served at room temperature, as hot may make the cavity sensitive
  • Try to avoid lifting or strenuous physical labour, gym is off limits
  • Do not suck on, pick at or otherwise disturb the wound, and avoid rinsing it out

Replacing missing teeth

Tooth extractions are a last resort and we only use it to treat acute problems like intense toothache, and when it really is the only option left. This does not mean that we should regard our teeth as 32 replaceable, separate organs- the teeth are more like a complex, interwoven system, and when we extract, a piece of the machinery is gone. The teeth can of course still function, but the other teeth now have to work extra hard, and their lifespan will thus also decrease.

Luckily there are many ways to replace missing teeth, and we give free tooth replacement consultations to all of our patients!

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