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Painless oral hygiene treatment – recommended by a beauty blogger

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Virág Bogádndi, the writer of famous beauty blog Virág’s Lab, took part in some dental hygiene treatments at Forest and Ray’s Budapest clinic recently. In this short article, you can find out about Virág, her treatment, and her experience with us.

Hi Virág, what do you do for a living?

„I am Virág Bogdándi, a 24 year old PhD student from Hungary. Besides my studies, I am actively writing the Virág’s Lab blog, where I share pictures of outfits, give fashion advice, and share posts about beauty and fashion, and have some more personal posts form time to time as well. My goal is to provide inspiration to people my age, and to show them that style is not necessarily a question of money, but of individuality. I tend to wear clothes that are available for everyone, and this is how I remain authentic to my readers, and I love to show off the works of Hungarian designers, thus providing much needed exposure for young talents. Besides fashion and beauty tips, I think my personal posts are very important as they bring me closer to my audience, and the feedback is great on these, too.”

Bogdándi Virág
Virág in the Forest and Ray Dental practice

Do you agree that a beautiful smile is the basis of good looks?

„I try to be positive in life and smile as much as I can. A winning smile requires healthy teeth, and this is why the health of my teeth is so very important to me. This is why I chose to visit Forest and Ray dental, where Katalin Polgár gave me my hygiene treatment. She also gave me a ton of useful tips and tricks for better maintaining my teeth at home, making sure they stay healthy.”

About hygiene sessions

One of the secrets to keeping your teeth healthy is to regularly remove plaque and tartar. You need these tartar removal sessions because tartar, that hard, calcified plaque layer that is on the tooth surfaces and underneath the gums contributes greatly to periodontitis and tooth decay.

Fogászati állapotfelmérés
Status appointment

It is impossible to remove tartar at home, because the tools we use to clean our teeth- dental floss, toothpaste and a toothbrush- cannot remove this sticky, calcified layer. These can only be removed by a dentist or dental hygienist, who will not only get rid of your plaque and tartar, but will also polish the tooth surfaces, making them extra smooth and less likely to accumulate plaque in the future.

Ultrahangos fogkõeltávolítás
Ultrasonic tartar removal

This treatment has many benefits. Besides treating the above mentioned illnesses and limiting tooth decay, they also have aesthetic benefits, which in turn boosts confidence and comfort, and it saves you money, as a relatively cheap tartar removal can prevent more expensive dental treatments from becoming necessary.

Szájápolási tanácsadás
Oral health advice

How did you feel during treatment?

„I felt very good, because the staff was extremely nice and helpful, and the dentist provided me with useful information about my teeth and oral health, and told me what signs to look out for, and what to keep in mind while I clean my teeth.” 

Photo: Martinek Ádám

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