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Prerequisites of Orthodontics

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Orthodontics is a pretty complex procedure, which requires healthy teeth. Orthodontics always starts with a check-up and general treatments.

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Prerequisites of Orthodontics

Placement of orthodontic appliances requires precise planning beforehand, mainly because there are several decisions to be made in terms of the whole process. That is why an initial meeting with the orthodontist is highly recommended, when patient and professional discuss all the possibilities, eligible appliances and treatments to be done before starting the procedure. This helps patients to decide whether they intend to start the orthodontic treatment, and also outlines an approximate timeline for the process.
When the decision is made to go on with the procedure, the orthodontist prepares a detailed plan, custom made for the patient. It always starts with a panoramic X-ray, which supports the professional in picking the right appliance, and also reveals the overall state of the patient’s teeth. Then, a mould is made of the mouth, and several photographs are taken to document all changes in the position of the teeth. 

Start Orthodontics with Healthy Teeth

All necessary treatments must be done prior to the placement of the orthodontic appliance, to start the procedure with a perfectly healthy set of teeth. It is due to the fact that with an appliance on, even common dental treatments become extremely difficult to carry out. Plaque removal is needed in almost all cases, while tooth fillings are also very frequently done previous to the procedure. If there are supernumary teeth, these must be extracted before having the orthodontic appliance placed. There are, however, some rare cases, when these are removed later during the process.

Plaque removal is needed in almost all cases

Care for Teeth with Braces

Sufficient oral hygiene is more difficult to maintain with braces on. This could lead to caries and discoloration of the teeth. Nevertheless, these are easily prevented by the use of a professional tooth cleaning kit, made especially for brace wearers. Besides home treatment, frequent professional cleanings by a dentist are also highly recommended to preserve the health and appearance of the teeth, and to prevent gum inflammation, caries and oral malodour.
After finishing the orthodontic treatment and the removal of the braces, it is recommended to wear orthodontic retainers for a period of time. These hold the newly realigned teeth in place, and hinder their movement back to their old position. When taking the needed precautions before, during and after the orthodontic procedure, an even and healthy smile is going to be the reward for all the efforts.


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