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Removable Complete Dentures

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When all teeth are missing in a patient’s mouth, removable complete dentures are the solutions that combine cost-efficiency, aesthetics and functionality the best. But what is the procedure that a patient must go through in order to get them? Read further to find out!

Complete denture
Removable denture

Removable Complete Dentures – How Are They Made?

The first step in creating a tailor-made removable complete denture is making a functional impression of the patient’s mouth. This is carried out by placing an impression tray on the alveolar ridge, while the facial muscles are moved. This way, even the smallest movements are captured in the impression, which makes the dental technician able to create an immaculately fitting denture.

Next, the bite is registered to define how the upper and lower jawbones are placed in relation to each other. Usually all teeth are missing, so there are no reference points, therefore, dentists use calculation methods to determine the perfect ratio. It makes sure that the denture correctly elevates the facial muscles and the tiny lines of the face after the denture is placed, just like they used to be before.


After all this is done, a temporary denture made of wax is fitted in the patient’s mouth. This is when the colour, shape and alignment of the teeth can all be altered, to make sure the end result is as realistic and comfortable as possible. Finally, the custom-made removable complete denture is placed, and the patient can start wearing it. Teeth of the denture are often made of ceramic, porcelain or acrylic resin, while the most widely used materials for the framework are rigid acrylic resin, flexible polymer or chrome cobalt metal.

Initially, minor modifications might be needed in the first few weeks of wear. At first, the new dentures might seem a size too big, but as the patient wears them for a longer time, facial muscles and the lips adjust to it, and they will look as natural as it gets. Speech and eating can also be difficult for a while after getting the new dentures. Practicing pronunciation in front of a mirror and eating food cut into small pieces for a short period of time should solve the problem eventually.

Taking Care of your Dentures

Removable complete dentures are not fixed in the mouth, but are simply clinging to the mucous membrane and the alveolar ridge. Therefore, they are easily removed, which is highly recommended after each meal and for the night. They should be cleansed thoroughly but carefully with a soft toothbrush. It is best to use denture cleaning tablets available in pharmacies, or some kind of gentle soap. Using toothpaste is not recommended, given that it can scratch the surface of the denture, making it less aesthetic and durable. By following these simple and easy steps, patients can enjoy a lasting and beautiful smile with their new set of removable complete dentures.

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