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Removing 4 Wisdom Teeth at Once – Is it Possible?

4 bölcsességfog eltávolítása

During evolution, the human jawbone became definitely smaller, making less room for wisdom teeth. Therefore, they often remain hidden in the jaw, erupt only partially, or, due to lack of space, the whole row of teeth becomes crowded. That is the reason why many people decide to get them removed. Surgery concerning one or two wisdom teeth can be done under local anaesthesia, however, due to the excessive length of the procedure, more wisdom teeth are usually removed in general anaesthesia. In our article, we lead our readers through this process.

All four gone
All four gone

If the patient and doctor decide to get rid of all four wisdom teeth in one session, the first step is to carry out a panoramic X-ray to determine the precise place of the wisdom teeth, and if there are any obstacles in the way of their removal. When the oral surgeon has located the place of the wisdom teeth and has run additional tests, the patient is set under general anaesthesia, overseen by a qualified anaesthesiologist.

All Four Gone

The surgery begins with an incision in the gum, to get to the tooth itself. Part of the jawbone often blocks the way of eruption, thus, it has to be drilled and removed to reveal the tooth. Then, the tissues surrounding the tooth are loosened to reduce their grip, and also to make way for the special tools needed for the removal. If the tooth is considered too big or fragile, the oral surgeon drills it into several pieces, to prevent unexpected breaking during the procedure. After the tooth or its fragments are removed, the doctor cleanses and disinfects the wound, and places stitches, which are usually removed after one week. This whole process is then carried out on all four wisdom teeth.

Recommendations Post-Surgery

After surgery, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine is prescribed to lower the risk of infection and inflammation. Patients might experience swelling and pain in the days following the surgery. If it is required, painkillers can be taken to relieve the soreness. In the first two hours following the removal, patients should avoid talking, eating and drinking, to make sure the bleeding stops, and the blood clots in the incision area. During the first 24 hours after surgery, consumption of soft food and liquids are recommended. If taken care of immaculately, wounds in the mouth heal fairly quickly. It helps if patients wash their teeth at least twice a day, being extra careful around the wound, and use an antibacterial mouthwash.
In modern day dentistry, removal of four wisdom teeth at once is a perfectly safe procedure, assuring an even smile that is easy to take care of, and preventing problems in connection with an irregular wisdom tooth. Do not hesitate to book an appointment to one of our dentists at Forest & Ray Dental at the centre of Budapest for professional advice and treatment.

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