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Replacing Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings have been present in dentistry for centuries, providing a safe, reliable and extremely cheap solution to the problem of tooth decay. It is composed 50% of mercury, and 50% powdered steel, which is made up of 65% silver, but also contains lead, zinc and other trace metals. Of these ingredients, mercury is extremely toxic and an allergen to most people, and causes a lot of problems for people.

An amalgam filling

The negative effects of amalgam fillings

This kind of filling does not contain enough mercury to actually poison you, but it does cause complications for people who are sensitive to metals, particularly a thick white mucous can form in the oral cavity. It is important to note that when placing or removing amalgam fillings, some trace amounts of mercury can leach into the mouth, and sometimes the material can leach from the filling even if there is no real disturbance to it. This can have several negative consequences: like headaches, inflammations, joint pains, fatigue, etc. Because of these negative effects, it is best to not get them replaced while pregnant.   

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Aesthetic tooth fillings

The most obvious difference between these and amalgam fillings is the colour, which in the case of this one is tooth coloured, unlike amalgam. These fillings also require less tooth material to be lost in order to repair the tooth, and there are no known negative health consequences. This kind of filling is a bit more expensive and less durable than amalgam fillings, however.


The process of getting amalgam fillings

Replacing amalgam fillings requires great attention to detail and the dentist must be extremely circumspect when providing this treatment, and must not replace too many teeth at once, and leave time for the patient to detoxify. Replace no more than 2 amalgam fillings at a time.  

After replacing amalgam fillings

Detoxifying after replacing amalgam fillings is extremely important, as the amalgam fillings may have taxed your lungs, kidney and liver for years. You can experience numerous positive health effects of replacing your amalgam fillings, and you should expect to see the disappearance of minor inflammations, grey spots should disappear, and this should bring about a rise in confidence and joviality.


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