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The Advantages Of Sapphire Crystal Brackets

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Thinking of getting aesthetic braces? Sapphire crystal brackets are the perfect way to go. They are the best overall solution for aesthetic braces, and all things considered are the ones that you should get. In this article below I wish to expound on why it is that this type of bracket on a fixed brace is the best option for any and all who wish to get aesthetic orthodontic treatment done. I wish to compare them to all other forms of aesthetic braces, and in the end show what advantages and disadvantages these braces have, in order to help patients make the best choice.


Ceramic tooth coloured braces

Ceramic tooth coloured brackets are brackets have brackets that are adhered to the teeth in the same way that sapphire crystal brackets are, but the brackets are made from ceramic. They look like little teeth, and so this way, they are mostly undetectable. But they have one disadvantage to sapphire crystal brackets. They make the teeth look bulkier, and make it look as though the teeth protrude from the mouth. Sapphire, because it is transparent, becomes completely invisible, even from quite close up.


Aligners are the only other form of completely transparent orthodontic system. The disadvantage that this otherwise superb tooth straightening appliance has compared to crystal brackets is twofold. One is that aligners can only be used to cure certain problems, whereas traditional fixed braces can fix any dental problems. The other is that treatment is dependent on how long the appliance is in the mouth, so the removable nature of the aligners actually can become a factor that lengthens the treatment time, whereas this option is simply not open with sapphire crystal brackets.

Lingual braces

Although lingual braces are a wonderful choice, they are more expensive then sapphire crystal brackets, and need special training that only few dentists have to get them. This makes lingual braces quite rare, and thus a lot more expensive. Sapphire crystal braces require the same training that any old regular, fixed orthodontic braces do, and are thus more readily available, and somewhat cheaper, for the same level of quality.

It is easy to see why sapphire crystal brackets are the best choice when function, form, appearance, availability and price are all taken into consideration. Sapphire brackets are more comfortable and less irritating then metal or ceramic brackets, they do not stain, and are hypoallergenic, making them the perfect choice for all patients.


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