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The Importance of Regular Dental Check-ups

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Our health is our most precious property, thus, to preserve it, regular medical examinations are needed. Most people are aware that dental check-ups are an essential part of this process. Yet, patients usually book an appointment to the dentist only when there are painful symptoms. These check-ups, though, are advised precisely to recognize any anomalies in their early stages, and avoid more serious, often irreversible dental illnesses.

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What happens on a dental check-up?

Common problems if you do not attend regular dental check-ups

If regular dental check-ups are neglected, septic nodules can form, being responsible for a series of illnesses. Cardiovascular diseases, rheumatic pain, pneumonia, and different skin conditions can be the result, all because of a bad tooth or inflamed tissues. That is why preventive treatments are vital to keep dental illnesses at bay right when they emerge. These cures are also able to reverse some anomalies, like cavities or gum inflammation, if caught in time.

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What happens on a dental check-up?

During dental health checks the dentist takes a thorough look at the overall state of the patient’s mouth. First, they check the teeth for cavities or plaque. Then, the oral mucosa is examined for any tumorous findings. Lastly, the dentist inspects the gums for inflammation, and performs a panoramic X-ray to find problems hidden deep in the jawbone.

If there are any anomalies that need immediate care, the dentist compiles a tailor-made treatment plan for the patient. In other cases, they carry out preventive measures to maintain the health of the teeth. These treatments usually include plaque removal, deep cleaning and ozone therapy.

Dental check-ups are also important for children
Dental check-ups are also important for children

Dental check-ups are also important for children

Dental check-ups are recommended for children right after their milk teeth erupt, in order to treat caries or identify the need for orthodontia. In the case of adolescents, check-ups are suggested due to hormonal changes taking place in their body, which also affect their teeth. Adults are advised to visit their dentist every 3 to 6 months, given that during this short time period it is less likely for dental anomalies to develop.

Regular visits at the dentist prevent painful dental illnesses, and also guarantee a healthy, shiny set of teeth. Preventing dental illnesses is also way less painful than treating existing ones, not to mention the difference of costs between those two. Now all patients of Forest & Ray dental clinic have the chance to get their teeth thoroughly checked at a sensational price only for a short period of time. Book an appointment to one of our skilled dentists to our clinic, found in the centre of Budapest.

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