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Types of tooth fillings

When do tooth fillings become necessary?

If your tooth surface is damaged, you may need to get a tooth filling to fix it. More often than not, tooth decay is responsible for the breach of tooth enamel, but damage and wear and tear can also be the culprit.
A thorough oral hygiene routine, coupled with proper eating habits and participating in regular check-ups will help you to prevent problems from occurring, but occasional tooth decay may still occur. Once the tooth enamel is breached, the softer and less resistant inner structures become exposed, and this is a bigger problem. A tooth filling will stop the bacteria from going deeper, and will seal the breach. The best is to try and find a dentist when the first signs of tooth decay become apparent. The sooner a dentist sees the problem the less it’s going to cost to fix it, and the less damage will be done to your teeth.



Tooth fillings are a routine procedure, during which the dentist removes the decayed bits of tooth, and the aperture that is left will be filled up with composite resin. Once the mixture solidifies, it will act as our new enamel.

Types of tooth fillings

There is a range of materials to choose from, depending on our financial situation and our health needs. Here is a list of them, with pros and cons included, to help you pick the best one.


Amalgam tooth fillings

The old fashioned amalgam fillings are 75% silver, and the rest is from other metals. They have been entirely replaced by safer and more aesthetic options by now.
Pros: Amalgam fillings are very durable and long lasting, and thus provide the most economical solution.
Cons:  It has negative health effects. Because amalgam responds differently to changes in temperature from our teeth, they may crack or the filling may stick out, and since the material does not bind with the tooth enamel, decay may start in the cracks. It is also less slightly than the other solutions.
Price: The price of the filling is around 5-8 thousand forint.

Aesthetic fillings

Aesthetic fillings have completely replaced amalgam fillings. The most common aesthetic tooth filling is made of white composite gradia resin.
Pros: Not only do aesthetic fillings look like tooth enamel, they mimic them in texture as well, and do not have negative health effects. They are perfectly capable of replacing front or back teeth. They bind to the teeth chemically, so there is no chance of decay starting in cracks or gaps between the filling and the tooth. Glass ionomer fillings will stop tooth decay as well.
Cons: Aesthetic fillings last for a shorter period of time, and the molars may need more frequent replacements.
Price: Starting from 9 thousand forint.

Inlays and onlays

Inlays and onlays are an incredibly durable, long lasting solution that can be sued when a larger hole is present, or when part of the tooth is already gone. These fillings are made by the dental laboratory specifically for the individual, and the dentist applies it to the tooth. Inlays and onlays can be made of composite resin, ceramics, gold, or other metals. Inlays are smaller, as onlays go over the tooth in question.
Pros: They last longer than aesthetic or amalgam fillings. They are very functional and aesthetic.
Cons: Although they are the best solution, they are quite prices.
Price: Inlays start at around 40 thousand forint, depending on the size and materials used.

inlay onlay

Fissure sealing

It is difficult to keep molars clean. Fissures start to appear on the molars, and this procedure is meant to stop them from becoming decayed. In order to make cleaning simpler, the top of the tooth gets a thin layer of tooth filling, and this will stop further decay from appearing.
Fissure sealing is usually applied to children, but all healthy teeth can benefit from it!
Pros: Prevent decay from ever happening, and save a ton of money.
Cons: There are absolutely no negative side effects to this treatment. It’s great.
Price: Between 8 and 10 thousand forint.

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