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What Problems are Caused by Wisdom Teeth?

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Wisdom teeth came in handy for our ancestors when chewing grains and other hard types of food. With our changing diet, however, there is no need for a strong third set of molars anymore. As a result, the human jawbone has become significantly smaller, meaning there is often no space for wisdom teeth, which erupt the latest. The results can be painful, impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth, causing a wide range of issues. 

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What Problems are Caused by Wisdom Teeth?

Problems Caused by Wisdom Teeth

When wisdom teeth are impacted, they can result in jawbone cysts. These often find a way to the oral cavity, causing serious complications, inflammation, or even loss of bone tissue. Impacted wisdom teeth are also prone to irritating the nerves in the jawbone. In this case, the patient is subject to strong pain, the source of which might take a while to figure out. 
A chunk of partially erupted wisdom teeth remains under the gum tissue, while another part erupts to the surface. It is a direct consequence of our jawbones getting smaller: the tooth tries to find its way out, but due to the lack of space it gets stuck in between. The most common result is pericoronitis, inflammation of the gum tissue covering the wisdom tooth. It occurs because partially erupted wisdom teeth are hard to clean, therefore, food particles remain under the tissue. This becomes a hotbed for bacteria, inducing inflammation and tooth decay that might also spread to the surrounding teeth. Besides pain and being a potential nodule, pericoronitis also leads to smelly breath, because of the decay and fermenting food particles.
Wisdom teeth are often able to erupt fully; however, they might push other teeth towards the centreline because of the lack of space in the dental arch. This way, teeth are more difficult to clean, resulting in cavities, and also aesthetical and orthodontic problems. Eventually, the result is inflammation or loss of other teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Removal – Preventive Measure for Healthy Teeth

Partially erupted or impacted wisdom teeth are very likely to cause problems later on. Thus, their removal is highly recommended in order to avoid serious complications, which may take a long time to be cured. Erupted wisdom teeth are mostly removed before considering orthodontia, to achieve and maintain the best results. 
Wisdom teeth can cause a large variety of problems, thus, it is best to get them removed preventively. The dentistry of Forest & Ray Dental in the city of Budapest offers a wide spectrum of treatments, including wisdom tooth removal, with modern tools and skilled dentists. Book your appointment today!

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