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What to expect after a tooth whitening session?

A bright, beautiful smile can be yours, and all you need is a just a few hours at your dentist. If you don’t like that idea, try one of the many at home tooth whitening treatments, but know that they are less effective and take weeks.

tooth whitening kit
A tooth whitening kit

Tooth whitening methods

If you are thinking of getting your teeth whitened, the first thing you need is a consultation session with a dentist. This is not only to help you find the best solution and method, but because decayed teeth may flare up during whitening, and because dental prosthetics are by and large unaffected by tooth whitening treatments, and because at home tooth whitening can be harmful, if you do not follow instructions carefully.
If you want results quick, we recommend getting a chair side tooth whitening session. At home methods are cheaper, but they take longer, too.

After a whitening session

After you have whitened your teeth, you need to pay extra special attention to your oral care routine, as well as what you eat, in order to extend longevity for as long as possible. But what does that entail exactly?

Tooth whitening kits and chairside whitening session

Tooth sensitivity after a whitening session

In the days after a whitening session, you may experience a bit of tooth sensitivity. Do not be alarmed, as this will pass. Avoid acidic foods, as well as very hot and very cold drinks for a few days.

What not to eat after a whitening session

You need to pay a little bit of attention to what you eat the week after your whitening session. Try and avoid colourful foods, or foods and drinks that stain the teeth, like very dark or very vivid coloured vegetables and fruits, sauces, spices like turmeric, and soft drinks, coffee and tea or red wine. After a whitening session, it is best to go on a “colour diet”, and eat lots of pasta, rice, potatoes and dairy.


Consult with your dentist about proper oral care after a whitening session. We recommend using milder and gentler oral care products, or products that are supposed to be good for sensitive teeth. Don’t forget, toothpaste and mouthwash can also have colouring agents in them!

before after
Before and after tooth whitening

Keeping your teeth white

Although whitening sessions provide long lasting and beautifying effects, keeping them white is a daily task, which requires your attention and a very rigorous at home oral care routine. Although a tooth whitening session is harmless, repeating them too often can end up hurting your teeth and gums, and the treatment can only be had if your teeth are healthy. Always consult with your dentist before embarking on a tooth whitening session.
Chairside tooth whitening only needs to be repeated every few years or so, and at home kits should not be used more frequently than every 2 years or so. In order to have the effects last as long as possible, you need to practice proper at home oral care, eat healthy and don’t forget your half year check-up!
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