Apical resection

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The last method of conservation

Apical resection

Dental illnesses, although causing irreversible damage do not have to lead to the loss of the tooth in question. Dental treatments that are performed with the intent of saving our teeth are called conservative treatments, as they conserve the teeth. Conservative dentistry refers to fillings, tartar removal, closing up furrows, and root canal treatments. Even if these treatments are ineffective at stopping the problem, that does not mean that an extraction is inevitable. Teeth that have undergone an apical resection can be saved and used for years to come without any complications.

Let’s look at a typical instance of apical resection.

  1. Tooth decay ->fillings
    Problem: improper hygiene
  2. Decay reaches tooth chamber -> root canal treatment
    Problem: chronic infection around the tooth root
  3. The body cannot handle the inflammation -> apical resection

Apical resection process

Apical resection is sometimes called tooth root amputation, and this name gives a good idea of what happens during the procedure. This procedure is usually reserved for teeth that have already been root canaled, and the process begins with an x-ray. The oral surgeon makes an incision to reveal your tooth root. The process is pain free and is done under local anaesthetic. The end of the tooth root is cut off, leaving two thirds of the root intact, enough to stabilize the tooth and anchor it against the occlusal forces of everyday use.


Because of the nature of the treatment, no guarantees can be given for success. This treatment is a last resort to save a tooth in a terrible situation, standing on its last leg if you will. The process that led to the tooth being in this condition is a complex situation with multiple factors, but the most important ones are the oral hygiene of the patient and the frequency and regularity of dental check-ups. The patient’s immune system also plays a great role; the dentist can give you medication and medical interventions, but the healing is done by your body alone.

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