Bone replacement

What problem does it solve? If there is not enough bone tissue in your jaws for inserting a dental implant, you need bone grafting. In some cases the bone graft procedure might be able to be done at the same time as the implant surgery.
Recommended additional treatment(s): Complete dental check-up
CT scan
Dental cleaning
Expected treatment time or appointment: 60-90 mins
Treatment costs:

Panoramic X-ray - (8.000 HUF)

Oral hygiene treatment - (from 15.000 HUF)

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The mouth after tooth loss

Bone replacement

If you lose teeth and do not get them replace, you will have to deal with the following consequences:

  1. Unhealthy bite patterns
  2. Adjacent teeth become loose
  3. The alveolus deteriorates near the gap


If the jawbone is not dealing with occlusal forces, because the teeth are not transmiting them, then your body will start to use up the bone and disintegrate it. If you then want to replace the tooth using the most modern method, a dental implant, then you will have to treat the problem.

Bone replacement - a modern method for tooth loss

In recent years, dentistry has found any solutions to the problem of thinning bones and bone loss, and has many ways of replacing lost bone material. There are many methods of bone regeneration, the main difference being the materials used.

Bone replacement methods:

  1. Bone replacement using the patient’s own bone material, usually gleaned from the oral cavity, but sometimes from elsewhere, like the hip.
  2. Bone replacement using animal bone materials, mostly pig and cow bones, placed directly on to the patient’s bone.
  3. Bone replacement using artificial bone enhancement materials. These are the most popular because of their simplicity. Synthetics like tricalcium-phosphate are used to enhance bones, especially if only a small amount of jawbone restoration is needed.

Bone replacement and dental implantation

If the bone material is missing from where a crown will go, the crown will not be in line with the rest of the teeth, unless you use a very big crown, which would be unaesthetic, and would require a larger implant as well. When there is bone missing, a bone graft is necessary.

Sometimes bone grafting occurs right after an extraction- the bone graft material is applied to the extraction site immediately. Implantation can occur a few months after extraction.

Sometimes the implantation occurs simultaneously to the bone grafting, healing times are 3-6 months in these instances. If the teeth have been missing for a long time, a 2 step procedure is required; first the bone graft, followed by a few months of healing time and then the implantation.

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