Adult orthodontics

About adult orthodontics

Adult orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment that takes place after 18 years of age is considered adult orthodontic treatment, and it involves movement of teeth that are totally erupted, in a jaw that has stopped growing.

The treatment has an active and a retention phase: the retainer keeps in place the new alignment achieved in the active phase.

Fixed orthodontic braces

Fixed braces are good for remedying malocclusions of any sort in the adult teeth. They are made up of three parts:

  1. Brackets: brackets are small metal locks that are adhered to the teeth. They guide the wires in the direction needed.
  2. Archwire: This is the wire that runs through the brackets, exerting force onto the teeth; thinner and more flexible in the beginning, becoming harder and thicker towards the end.
  3. Ligatures: ligatures are responsible for tying brackets and wires together. Rubber and latex ligatures are the most common, which are small, colourful or transparent o rings, but metal ones exist as well.

What are self-ligating braces?

Self-ligating brackets do not need the 3rd component in the list above. These brackets have a locking mechanism that can spread the occlusal forces to the teeth without using ligatures. Self-ligating brackets use less force, which makes the treatment less painful and quicker. We use In-Ovation self-ligating brackets at our orthodontic practice.

Removable appliances in adult orthodontics

Yes this is an option! To correct minor malocclusions and aesthetic problems, comfortable and unintrusive removable appliances are available in the form of aligners. They are essentially a transparent brace, and they are made of see through plastic. They are like tooth guards, and can be removed during eating and when you brush.

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