Invisible braces

What problem does it solve? Clear Aligners can serve as an alternative to traditional braces. Unlike fixed metal or aesthetic braces they are nearly visible and removable: you can take them off while you eat and brush your teeth.
Recommended additional treatment(s): Complete dental check-up
Dental cleaning
Expected treatment time or appointment: activation in every 4-5 weeks
Treatment costs:

Starting package - (33.000 HUF)

Orthodontic consultation - ()

- (120.000 HUF)

Metal brace activation fees - (12.000 HUF / arch)

Braces — no age limit

Invisible braces

While in the past, orthodontics was an uncomfortable, embarrassing thing, now, it is a sign of a conscious and ambitious person. The rapid development of technology in this area made it possible for the orthodontic devices to function properly, so they are now fully compatible with the needs of patients and doctors.

Aesthetic fixed braces

Aesthetic braces are fixed buccal orthodontic appliances, which means that they are located on the front of the teeth, towards the face, and cannot be removed without help from an orthodontist. Their structure is that of the regular brace: brackets adhered to the surface of teeth, with an arch wire running through them, held in place with ligatures. The difference is purely in appearance. The brackets are tooth coloured ceramic, or transparent sapphire crystals, and the wire comes in white, so it is very discrete, and looks nice.


Although they are easily removed, dental aligners should be worn for 22 hours a day at least, and should only be removed for brushing and for eating, if you want to have the desired effect within your given treatment time. Our clinic works with Happy Smile, which are a completely transparent aligner system that we make according to the impression we take from you. You get a new aligner with each activation, until the treatment is complete. This is a great choice for patients to whom looks and comfort are indispensable.

Price of invisible braces

We hope to offer the best and most fair payment plans to our patients seeking invisible braces. Ask our friendly customer care staff about payment options.

You can see our price list here.