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Sapphire Crystal Brackets- the jewel of orthodontic braces

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Sapphire crystal brackets are finally here and available from our dentistry. There is a lot of hype about them on the internet, and in this article, we hope to clarify what this form of orthodontry is, what it isn’t, and give you an idea if it is right for you.


What are sapphire crystal brackets?

Traditional fixed braces consist of two main parts: brackets that are adhered to the teeth and an archwire that runs through them and exerts force on the teeth, pulling or pushing them in a given direction. Sapphire crystal braces are a form of traditional fixed braces, but instead of having brackets that are made out of metal, like most traditional fixed orthodontics (which are sometimes called “train tracks” because of their awkward and unsightly, bulky appearance), the brackets are made out of transparent sapphire crystals. These braces are good for correcting any and all orthodontic problems, even very severe ones, and offer an aesthetic option instead of the traditional metal braces.

Sapphire crystals

Sapphire crystals are a form of sapphire that is as transparent as glass (indeed such a thing as sapphire glass exists, and is used in information technology for screens), and almost as hard as diamonds. This makes them ideal for being turned into brackets, as they are hard enough to resist and transmit the torque that is exerted from the archwire unto the teeth, and it is aesthetic, as it is transparent. This makes for completely hidden brackets, as the tooth underneath is really all that is showing, and only people who get up close and personal can tell that there is something on your teeth at all.

An aesthetic option

This transparent nature makes the sapphire crystal brackets perhaps the best choice for aesthetic fixed orthodontic braces. Coupled with a tooth coloured or white archwire (archwires come in many different colours, and can be painted pretty much any colour), these orthodontic devices can remain entirely hidden. Currently the leading choice for those who are interested in fixed orthodontics but need an aesthetic option. Recommended for all of our patents to whom appearances are important, either professionally or personally.

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