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Wisdom Tooth Removal – Is It Worth Procrastinating?

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Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars in the mouth. Given their position, they are often impacted, i. e. do not erupt, only do so partially, or grow in the wrong direction, causing pain, inflammation, lockjaw and crowding of the teeth. In our article, we discuss when it is recommended to have them removed, what happens during surgery, and what to expect during the healing period.

Wisdom toot removal
Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom Teeth – Wiser to Get Rid of Them

The main purpose of wisdom teeth was to help humans chew hard types of food. During the millennia, however, dietary patterns have changed drastically; therefore, the need for a strong third set of molars disappeared, making the jaw smaller than before. That is the reason why many people nowadays suffer from impacted wisdom teeth.

If wisdom teeth do not erupt, jawbone cysts could evolve. If these cysts find their way to the oral cavity, they can cause serious problems, inflammation and even the constant loss of bone tissue in the jawbone, making it prone to breaking easily. Secondly, if the not fully erupted wisdom tooth irritates the nerves of the jawbone, it can result in excruciating pain for the patient.

In other cases wisdom teeth erupt only partially. This is the result of a mismatch in the size of the teeth and jawbone. In this case, pericoronitis, that is, the inflammation of the gum tissue over the wisdom tooth often occurs as a painful side effect. That is because food particles get stuck between the gum and the surface of the partially erupted wisdom tooth, gathering bacteria, and causing tooth decay even in the surrounding teeth; bad breath, pain, inflammation, and even high fever being the results.

Erupted wisdom teeth, if there is not enough space for them, might have a crowding effect on other teeth in the dental arch, making them more difficult to clean, besides the obvious aesthetical problems. This can result in cavities, and eventually the loss of other teeth. Before considering orthodontia, it is vital that all wisdom teeth are removed, because of their before mentioned crowding effect. Without removal, they make the whole process of orthodontia completely impossible, or ruin the results already achieved.

Impacted wisdom tooth
Impacted wisdom tooth

Wisdom Tooth Removal – It is Not Worth Procrastinating

Many people are afraid of getting under the knife, and getting rid of their wisdom teeth. But this type of surgery is in the tip of the fingers of all qualified dental surgeons. The process can be done under local or general anaesthesia, depending on the location and number of wisdom teeth removed. During the first consultation the type of anaesthesia is always a matter of discussion between patient and doctor.
Previous to the removal, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory treatment might be needed to reduce local inflammation. During surgery, bone tissue often needs to be removed, to be able to get rid of the embedded wisdom tooth. This is done by extremely precise bone milling cutters, guaranteeing minimal destruction to the jawbone. It is followed by the removal of bone and tooth debris, and the dental follicle, to ensure there is no material left intervening with the healing of the wound. Lastly, sutures close the wound, and are left in for about 3 to 6 days.

During this healing period, painkillers and antibiotics are prescribed, to reduce soreness and the risk of infection. Patients are advised to brush teeth more frequently, and use antibacterial mouthwashes or saltwater for their germ-killing effect. Frequent movement of the jaws by opening and closing the mouth is excellent for preventing lockjaw. It is recommended to avoid hard foods and the use of a straw when drinking, to make sure the sutures remain intact. Smoking is absolutely prohibited during this period.

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