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Name: Jon

Problem: White spots on teeth

Treatment: 20 veneers

Story: Jon had several white spots on his teeth. Our dentist made an impression of his teeth, after that the technician made the veneers out of porcelain. 

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Name: Brian

Problem: Discolored teeth and old crown

Treatment: 4 crowns

Story: Brian had an issue with his front teeth. Our dentist gave him 4 metal free zirconium crowns.

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Name: Gergely

Problem: Discolored and chipped tooth

Treatment: Ceramic Crown

Story: Gergely had a root canal treatment, after that his tooth discolored. In addition, it also chipped. His dentist decided to make ceramic crown for the damaged tooth and for the one besides it. Gergely was very happy with the results.

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Name: Terry

Problem: Missing teeth

Treatment: Tooth replacement with denture fixed with dental implants

Story: Our patient got a denture, which is fixed with dental implants. This kind of replacement is one of the safest solutions, you do not even need denture adhesive anymore.

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Name: Istvan

Problem: Missing teeth

Treatment: Overdenture

Story: Our patient got an overdenture to replace his teeth. This solution means, that it is a fixed denture, but can be removed any time to clean.

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Name: Réka

Problem: Tooth decay under composite filling

Treatment: Dental inlay

Story: Reka had a composite filling, but her tooth started to decay under the filling, in addition a small part chipped from her tooth. She got an inlay from us, which solved her problem. After the treatment, she decided to treat all of her teeth at Forest & Ray.