History of Dentistry II.

We come to the second part of our column in which we have more interesting facts for you.

One of the most valuable teeth in history belongs to Sir Isaac Newton, as it was auctioned for 3 633 dollars in 1816. This would be worth around 36 000 of today’s dollars (roughly 10 million forint or 23 703 GBP). The tooth was made into a ring by its owner.

Napoleon took very good care of his teeth, and brushed regularly with a toothpaste that had opium as an additive in it. He used the toothbrush pictured here, which was made out of gold plated silver, and the bristles were made out of horse hair. The handle has an engraved “N” on it, referring to its owner.

“Just press here”, says an ad for an electric toothbrush form General Electric in 1962.

In 1934, patients undergoing dental treatment could apply their own anaesthetic, which was a mixture of dinitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oxygen. The patient wore a mask and could regulate how much dinitrous oxide was ingested to relieve the pain. 

In 1871 James Beall Morrison American dentist invented the dental drill that was then powered by foot. This drill was used to remove the dead part of the teeth. It was adopted in Europe and America almost instantly, as it made treatment a lot faster.

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